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Survivor 44 Midseason Report Card

Survivor 44 Midseason Report Card

Survivor 44 Midseason Report Card


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

This has been one really curious Survivor season. Of the players who have made the merger there have been no utter flops that’s for sure. However, there aren’t many Survivor superstars in the making either. Here are our thoughts on the remaining players.

Carson stands head and shoulders above everyone else thus far this season because he is a total package. He has a strong social game, a strong strategic game and is decent at challenges. Like Jesse last season he appears to be so far in front of everyone else that he is and should be the runaway favourite to win.

Despite his clumsiness here and there Yam Yam has an incredibly strong social game and that has made the difference for him many times this season. Among the jury he could be the sentimental favourite to be crowned Sole Survivor if Carson isn’t in the picture.

It seems like Brandon’s fate in the Survivor game is tied to his feud with Kane. He is a strong contender but like others this season it isn’t clear how deep his social game is and that may be the chink in his armour.

Carolyn is a mixed bag. At times, her strategy and insight into others are on point. The issue is Carolyn’s social game is so poor that she is perceived at times to not even be in the running by her fellow players. They do listen to her advice but they don’t take her that seriously as a player because of her personality. Her social game is dragging down all other aspects of her game. What she does have on her side though is she may be so underestimated that she might actually make it to the end.

He has shown flashes of strategic brilliance and he isn’t too shabby when it comes to challenges either. One wonders thought how strong his social game is when compared to others. Are his bonds strong enough to keep him, an athletic player, in the game?

On the positive side, she is a decent strategist who can read the temperature at camp well. On the negative side, she is irreversibly linked to Matt and it doesn’t seem like that perception is going to change.

Like Frannie he cannot separate himself from being paired, being a twosome. Not sure what the reality is but it looks like Frannie is the one piloting their ship.

We have barely seen anything about her. What we have seen suggests she has some influence over the others at Soka and she does have her head in the game.

She is just all over the place as a player. She even said it herself, like Carolyn nobody is pulling her in.

In all honesty, the palm trees have had more screen time than Lauren. Besides the early summit and its fallout she has been barely featured.

The editing suggests he is still in the game not of his own volition but by the will, action of others. He just doesn’t seem to be the master of his own destiny.

A new episode of Survivor 44 airs tonight at 8:00 PM ET on Global.

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