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Survivor 42 Finale Predictions

Survivor 42 Finale Predictions

Survivor 42 Finale Predictions


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The conclusion of Survivor 42 is tonight and this year we have a very contrasting group of finalists who for the most part played very different games and have very different journeys to the tonight’s finale. Who will win it all? Here are our predictions. Don’t forget to watch the finale of Survivor 41 tonight at 8:00 PM ET on Global.

Sole Survivor

He may have stumbled and bumbled a bit at the beginning of the game and was sometimes easily influenced by others but once Mike got his footing he was the one at the wheel and also the one making wide-ranging relationships with the majority of the other players. He did earn the respect and trust of the other castaways. His social game and his strategic game will give him the win over the others who are not as complete a player as he is. He is the clear winner and most deserving out of all the finalists based on his gameplay this season. Let’s hope the jury thinks so too.


He has been the challenge beast this season. Jonathan and Lindsay may be tied for individual immunity wins but he propelled his tribes to challenge wins before the merge. Not only is he a challenge threat but he has solid allies in Mike and Maryanne which may also carry him into the final tribal council even though his strategic game was a disappointment.


Her quirky personality may make her quite popular with the jury but she really hasn’t played a very strong game. She hasn’t made many big moves and she hasn’t won any challenges on her own. All she really has going for her is her social game and a bunch of advantages.


The only reason Romeo is in the finals is because he poses no threat at all to the other players when it comes to delivering a resume to the jury. He isn’t a social, challenge or strategic threat to anyone left in the finals. He won’t get any votes if he is dragged over the finish line, which he might be.


If Mike, Maryanne and Jonathan can get it together after Maryanne went rogue during the last vote Lindsay will certainly be outnumbered. Although it isn’t impossible her winning three immunity challenges in a row is slim. Despite Jonathan being a challenge threat he has the allies to take out his and their competition.