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Late Show: Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Reveals New Evidence Against Trump

Late Show: Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Reveals New Evidence Against Trump

Late Show: Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Reveals New Evidence Against Trump

Adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, left, speaks to members of the media while attorney Michael Avenatti listens outside Federal Court in New York, U.S., on Monday, April 16, 2018. Daniels claims she had sex with Donald Trump in 2006 and took a $130,000 hush payment shortly before the 2016 election from lawyer Michael Cohen. Photographer: Wes Bruer/Bloomberg via Getty Images


You never thought it would come to this: Michael Avenatti, lawyer for adult film actor Stormy Daniels, was Stephen Colbert’s guest last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. And boy, does he know how to work a crowd.

Avenatti is an all-around interesting guy. He’s a former racecar driver turned celebrity takedown artist – this isn’t his first time going up against Trump (and he’s won before). He’s also tussled with the likes of Paris Hilton, so Avenatti has it covered when it comes to legally leg-dropping reality stars. On the flip side, he’s represented the likes of Christina Aguilera, assisted in defending The Eagles and almost bought a coffee shop chain with Patrick Dempsey.

Here’s a quick catch-up regarding why Avenatti is on The Late Show now, for those under-a-rock dwellers: years ago, Donald Trump had an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. Later, during Trump’s campaign, his lawyer Michael Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about the affair. The details of this transaction are now in question because if they were from Trump’s 2016 campaign, that would be a violation of federal law. Daniels is suing now-President Trump to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement, so she can freely talk about their encounters. Avenatti is adamant that this case isn’t about the salacious details – that part of the information should be at the discretion of Daniels and Trump. And that’s what the case is about – that it isn’t at the discretion of Daniels, because she is being silenced.

His case against Trump seems pretty solid already, but every little bit could still help. That’s why he got a big bit on the show – Michael Avenatti revealed a damning piece of evidence that’s just bad news for Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen. And he explains it well, like he’s a special guest teacher, and Colbert’s audience is a kindergarten class.

With that, Avenatti has some opinions on Michael Cohen – being that he thinks Trump is going to throw him to the wolves. As well, he has some insight into what the future holds for the Trump administration, particularly when it comes to more women like Stormy Daniels seeking his council.

It doesn’t look good for Trump – but honestly, when has it ever?

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