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Steve Carell Fondly Remembers Fred Willard on The Late Show

Steve Carell Fondly Remembers Fred Willard on The Late Show

Steve Carell Fondly Remembers Fred Willard on The Late Show


Steve Carell logged on to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk COVID-19 chores, family movie night in quarantine and the late comedian Fred Willard.

It was another quiet night at the Colbert residence as Stephen Colbert hosted yet another stay-at-home Late Show. Every evening for the past month and a half Stephen has invited his fans into his den, where he continues to provide comic relief for a world on fire.

Between Donald Trump driving the ol’ America truck further and further into the guard rail, and COVID-19 ruining everyone’s fun in the sun, Colbert has a lot to talk about. So, to get it all in, he covers both subjects at the same time.

But don’t let Donald Trump’s complete mishandling of a deadly infectious disease get you down, and do let Steve Carell cheer you up with his list of family movie night suggestions!

Some of those are must sees, real classics of the form. Others are… eh. You decide which are which. At least he’s not making his kids watch Date Night or Evan Almighty. Or Get Smart.

And if that doesn’t get your blood pumping, check out Carell’s other favourite COVID-19 pastime: house chores! Specifically, using a power washer to clean off his patio stuff.

Nothing says summer like patios. And power washers are sincerely cool.

Carell is a Late Show favourite, and has been appearing on the show consistently for years. He and Stephen often romp down memory lane, or at least mention their time working at Second City, or The Daily Show, or even The Dana Carvey Show. And they rehashed a bit. But mostly it got a bit sombre, though warmingly so, as Steve Carell remembers working with Fred Willard.

If you’re unfamiliar, Fred Willard is a comedian who recently passed. You may know him from his frequent collaborations with Christopher Guest, or one of his many appearances in films and TV shows over the past five decades. But most recently, Fred Willard had a part in Steve Carell’s new series Space Force. Carell remembers how good it was to work with Willard, and how much of a professional and talented comedian he was.

Fred Willard will be missed. But there is a vast catalogue of his performances available!

And Steve Carell charms yet again. Everyone’s favourite idiot boss still has it! What will he turn out next?

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