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Steve Carell and Colbert Reminisce Good Times on The Late Show

Steve Carell and Colbert Reminisce Good Times on The Late Show

Steve Carell and Colbert Reminisce Good Times on The Late Show

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 7: Actor Steve Carell on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Monday Dec. 7, 2015 on the CBS Television Network. (Photo by Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS via Getty Images)


Old comedy war buddies Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert stroll down memory lane on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as they reminisce about the times they shared on the many shows they worked on together.

That’s right, the Steves (as they were called while sharing an office on the short-lived Dana Carvey show) had worked together nearly every day for ten plus years. From sharing the stage at Second City Chicago in the early 1990s, to the aforementioned Dana Carvey Show, to The Daily Show where they again shared an office (though it is still to be revealed whether or not they retained the shared nickname of “the Steves” while there). They also briefly worked on Saturday Night Live together, voicing characters for several of Robert Smigel’s TV Funhouse segments – most noticeably, Ace and Gary of The Ambiguously Gay Duo.

Speaking of, Carell recently hosted Saturday Night Live where he sort of hinted that there may be possibility that The Office might be coming back (along with a mini-reunion including Jenna Fischer, Ellie Kemper and Ed Helms). Carell didn’t mention the possibility of an Office reunion on The Late Show, but there’s probably only so many times the man can be asked that question before he just full-on vetoes it before interviews.

In the spirit of the season, Colbert surprised Carell with a very personal gift. Backstory: at Second City, both of these Steves would impersonate Fabio Lanzoni – better known as just Fabio – at the same time, with Carell being the physical presence on stage, and Colbert providing the voice (keep in mind this was over twenty years ago, so while it still wasn’t the most topical impression for the mid-1990s, it was certainly more relevant than it is now). Colbert found one of Fabio’s CDs (again, 1990s) – the very same copy Carell and Colbert based the parody on – and gifted it to Carell, with a bit of a special message from Fabio himself.

But before all of that, Carell held one of the least funny professions a person can do – mail carrier. Nothing kills comedy quicker than someone unfunnily placing some boring beige envelopes into a dull box, being barked at by a dog and moving on to do the exact same thing a hundred more times. But, it’s something he did, and bless him, he managed to make it funny.


Carell has mostly focused on his career as a dramatic actor over the past few years. He’s talented in that department too, but there will always be a place for him in comedy if he chooses to return to it.

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