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Stephen Colbert Provides Live Democrat Debate Coverage on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert Provides Live Democrat Debate Coverage on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert Provides Live Democrat Debate Coverage on The Late Show


Stephen was in full form last night during his live Late Show event, following the 10th Democratic Debate in South Carolina.

It’s at the point in the campaign trail where the candidates aren’t being friendly anymore. And Bernie Sanders is mopping the floor with the lot of them. So… they’re all sniping at him. And failing, it seems like.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is proving himself again and again the doddering old timer people are quickly realizing he’s always been. For your convenience, Stephen Colbert gave a quick highlight reel of the debates, which will be sure to edify and entertain:

The new-ish comer Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, gave everyone reason to believe that he’s full of it. He spend a whole lot of time inserting and re-inserting his foot into his mouth over statements he must have presumed to be woke. In actuality, the opposite occurred where he revealed how ignorant he truly is. Typical billionaire, right? Bloomberg in this 10th debate pulled a real Beto O’Rourke – if you all remember the first debate, Beto overplayed his hand when he tried to answer a question in Spanish. Really terrible Spanish. But Bloomberg believes himself the invincible billionaire, and kept doubling down.

After Stephen was done roasting the Democratic race for the chance at the Presidency, it was time to move on to everyone’s favourite target: Donald Trump (note: just to clarify he’s everyone’s favourite only in the context of being a target). With the Corona virus outbreak holding steady, eyes turn to the President of the United States for leadership, unfortunately. Even more unfortunate is the revelation that Trump removed a whole lot of safeguards to prevent this kind of thing.

Speaking of viruses and loudmouth, unlikable politicians, Chris Christie was Stephen’s special guest on the show. He provided a Republican perspective on the evening’s debates, as he had before. Despite Stephen’s long track record of mercilessly making fun of the man, they seem to get along well, strangely. And Christie does provide a perspective that 90% of Stephen’s usual guests don’t. So hooray for Chris Christie?

Probably not. But anyway, Christie gave his initial opinion on the debate: Biden and Bloomberg bombed, but Bernie is bulletproof.

There are eight candidates left (of the eight, seven debated last night – Tulsi Gabbard didn’t qualify). The next debate will be March 15, when The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will be sure to again go live. So be sure yourself to tune in!

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