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Seth Rogen Brags About Cannabis Usage on The Late Show

Seth Rogen Brags About Cannabis Usage on The Late Show

Seth Rogen Brags About Cannabis Usage on The Late Show


Seth Rogen returned to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk almost meeting Beyoncé twice, his reasons for fearing Charlize Theron and his obsession with weed.

If you ever wondered what it would have been like if your funny burnout friend from high school actually started that comedy career he’d always been talking about, he probably would have turned out like Seth Rogen. Rogen seems comfortably out of place in these celebrity-type situations, The Late Show not withstanding. But he’s not awkward. He and Stephen, and pretty much everyone else you see him with, get along. Rogen seems like a pretty chill guy.

And boy, is there reason for that.

“I’m shocked,” said nobody when Seth Rogen announced Houseplant, his new cannabis company. Rogen is a notorious pot user, professionally and personally. Heck, even Kevin Smith blames/credits Rogen for being the one to get him using marijuana (which, hey, wait a second – he wasn’t using it before he met Rogen?). So it makes complete sense for Rogen to start this company.

Currently Houseplant serves British Columbia. But Rogen is a Canadian treasure. There will be plenty of Canadians across the country begging to buy his brand of bud. Heck, he’s so beloved that many Torontonians – perhaps too many – were in favour of hearing his voice, morning, day and night, as the universal TTC announcer.

Did you ever wonder in highschool what it would be like if your funny burnout friend did the morning announcements?

It turns out, Rogen has another job, aside from selling paraphernalia. Acting! A known comedian, Rogen finds himself more and more in serious roles, and recently, he acted opposite Charlize Theron, who in a couple ways intimidated him to stone silence.

And that’s not even his most embarrassing story about being star-struck… that he told on The Late Show.

There’s a new Lion King film around the corner – well, not a new one. A new version of the old one – because that’s what people want from Disney, these days. And Seth Rogen is the voice of the lovable Pumba the warthog. But there are so many other stars in the movie: Donald Glover, John Oliver, and, oh yeah, Beyoncé. Rogen is in the same film as her, and yet, has never met her. In fact, the closet he came to meeting her was a decade ago, and ended very, publicly, embarrassingly for him.

Seth Rogen is a pretty down-to-earth guy. But he’s one of the best working comedic actors out there. So there’s hope for Hollywood still, right?

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