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Sabiyah ‘Grillmaster’ Broderick: ‘I was sitting next to a sleeping lion’

Sabiyah ‘Grillmaster’ Broderick: ‘I was sitting next to a sleeping lion’

Sabiyah ‘Grillmaster’ Broderick: ‘I was sitting next to a sleeping lion’

Sabiyah Broderick. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Due to time constraints sometimes we don’t see everything that happens on the island on Survivor. In the case of Sabiyah Broderick it appeared that her most trusted ally was Kaleb which is why many thought her move against him last night didn’t make much sense, including me. According to Sabiyah though what we didn’t see was that her real ride-or-die was Sean from the very start as they had so many similar life experiences and journeys.

Sabiyah went into detail about how their relationship grew and just how long it took to “cook” that wax idol in her chat with us.

John Powell: You got to watch everything back last night. How are you feeling today?

Sabiyah Broderick: I feel like the only word that really like popped in my head was “relieved” because I knew what was going to happen. I knew the sequence and I was just waiting for the fans to get a chance to experience it with me saying: ‘You went out so soon but it was such an epic exit.’ I’ve been happy with it overall.

Sabiyah Broderick and Host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS.

John Powell: Honestly, I was really surprised at what happened because you were one of my picks to go to the very end because you seem to have all the right skills. What went into targeting Kaleb because he was a close ally of yours, correct?

Sabiyah Broderick: So, the way that everything was edited it appeared that Kaleb was my number one but actually he was my number two. Sean was my number one.

Sean and I were very, very close from the jump. We together didn’t get as much airtime but we were talking, we’re laughing. We have very similar backgrounds. He comes from conservative Christian background being Mormon. I was raised in the South. I was Christian. We’re both LGBTQ. He’s in the education field. Both of my parents are teachers. So, we have a lot to talk about and we spent a lot of time together which ultimately made Kaleb suspect us and caused him to build his ‘insurance policy’ with Emily. I had talks with him and he said that he couldn’t be “number three”. I didn’t know that he felt like a number three. I was doing my best to make sure that he didn’t feel like that which is what you see on camera but ultimately, that’s how it was.

John Powell: What made Emily take Caleb’s place in that alliance? We saw you guys have your ups and downs. Then, you really did come together near the end of your time out there. The whole journey was really interesting.

Sabiyah Broderick: Well, I love Emily and I said that in my confessionals. For the record, I don’t dislike her but she’s making it hard for me being so skeptical about everything. I felt like if I could just get her to trust me we could be a very amazing duo. People wouldn’t expect us to work together. People have already expected us to be enemies.

Sabiyah Broderick and Emily Flippen. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS.

Emily, she’s a stock analyst. I’m a Marine. I work with people all the time that I have nothing in common with. Being in the military that’s normal. Someone has a little bit of an attitude? Whatever. That’s normal. I’m laughing at half the stuff that she’s saying. I’m just like: This girl is hilarious.

In the end, it was just the social threat from Kaleb going to Reba and getting all the information. He literally had an itemized sheet of: ‘Drew is like this. Julie is like this.’ He had a one-on-one talk with everybody and that shocked me. That really kind of like woke me up to how big of a threat he was. I was sitting next to a sleeping lion. I was just hoping I could slay him while he was sleeping but little did I know he was awake already and was conspiring with Emily against me. He was kind of playing the middle so early on and that was genius! That was genius!

John Powell: We got to see a bit of your barbecue skills, last night. How long did it take to “cook” that idol?

Sabiyah Broderick: I think it’s so funny! They’re calling me “The Grillmaster”! That’s hilarious!

John Powell: You never know. Maybe this will turn into another line of work.

Sabiyah Broderick: You never know. (Laughing)

John Powell: Obviously, we only get to see ten minutes or so of the entire tribal council. How long did it take for you to get that idol? A lot of viewers don’t realize tribal can go on for an hour or longer.

Sabiyah Broderick: Exactly! It was so nerve-racking! There was so many things going through my mind but it took about 20 to 25 minutes to get all the way through. All of our tribals were about an hour…The first one took a long time to let Hannah go then with Brandon and his stuff, I mean, that was our first time even having people go up to the voting booth but it was still extensive because there’s so much going on.

We were just sitting there waiting for the idol to just melt. We are all just taking this in because this is crazy and I’m not going to take my eye off of it! I want to pay attention to what’s going on but God forbid it would combust into flames! I didn’t know what that stuff was made of!

John Powell: When you were standing at the voting booth and you had to make that decision how hard was it?

Sabiyah Broderick: It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made…I’ve been a fan so long. It’s like you want that moment 1nd that’s really what kind of fueled me. Am I going to risk it for the biscuit or trying to play it safe? I hadn’t played it safe the whole time. You saw me volunteer for Sweat and Savvy. You saw me risking with the Beware Advantage with Brandon. You see me telling Emily about my idol. So y’all had to know I was going to risk it! Unfortunately, you win some and you lose some.

John Powell: Is there anything about your journey that you wish the producers would have included?

Sabiyah Broderick: I feel like I got a lot of airtime so I don’t want to be greedy. (laughs) I’m so thankful for them even highlighting me this early knowing that I’m going out. It’s amazing! But, I will say that I’ve wanted the to show maybe like me and Emily when we had good moments, because we did have good moments. We had moments walking, making the shelter and stuff like that. I did talk to her. I’m like: ‘Hey, I know that we’re just two strong women on the same tribe and we can work together. I’m not against you.’ I told her that in the beginning when we were building the shelter. I remember that conversation.

Then, even with me and Shawn. We were laughing, getting our relationship together to the point where he’s no longer my number two. Kaleb is now my number two.

All in all, they (the producers) do the best they can. I know that they shoot like over 300 hours worth of footage and they are great. Matt Hudson, Jeff (Probst), I love y’all!

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