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Robert De Niro Shares His COVID-19 Experience on The Late Show

Robert De Niro Shares His COVID-19 Experience on The Late Show

Robert De Niro Shares His COVID-19 Experience on The Late Show


Robert De Niro was the remote guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night.

It was a low-energy interview, because that’s what Robert De Niro brings to the table these days. He’s not a goof-off guy on talk shows. He’s the introspective and political guy, where he’s going to take the time to find the words that he wants because he needs to mean what he says.

That doesn’t mean he’s dull – not in the slightest. De Niro just isn’t the guy to watch if you’re expecting some of Colbert’s classic silly sketches he does with guests.

Colbert’s remote interview icebreaker is always asking the guest to share their COVID-19 setup, and experience.

After, De Niro and Colbert got a bit into it, if it means “dumping on Republicans.” So, standard fare for Colbert. There’s a lot to dump on, right now especially. And if you’ve ever seen The Late Show before, you should know that is Colbert’s favourite pastime. After drinking brown liquors, of course.

De Niro reports that he doesn’t watch a whole lot of movies anymore, but he’s glued to the news. And these days, who isn’t? It feels like it’s been up-to-the-minute news updates for four non-stop years – and even more so now. Who knows what fully drives this need, but caring “too much” is definitely a significant presence in the mix.

See, De Niro and Colbert bond over their frustrating need to care about current events. In the least pejorative way, they both truly are bleeding-heart liberals, just wanting the best for the community. But they have to remain frustrated as they see their leaders making bad and dangerous decisions for the public.

Speaking of bad and dangerous decisions, President Trump visited a mask factory recently, for some reason. For sure, masks are important right now, but was his visiting really that important? Anyway, you’d think the constant reminder of masks, being in a mask factory and all, would be enough for him to wear a mask during a pandemic. But it wasn’t. And he didn’t.

Robert De Niro wasn’t Stephen’s only guest last night. Every year, Colbert does a Mother’s Day segment where he reads Mother’s Day cards, and then presents an absurd first-draft version. And when he does this segment, he always calls up a mother from his live audience. Well, he doesn’t have a live audience, but he does happen to live with a mother. So Stephen’s wife Evelyn made a short appearance for the segment, and it was so cute.

Hopefully she’ll pop in more often.

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