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Patricia Heaton Explains What Carol’s Second Act Means to Her

Patricia Heaton Explains What Carol’s Second Act Means to Her

Patricia Heaton Explains What Carol’s Second Act Means to Her


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert welcomed the star of the new series Carol’s Second Act Patricia Heaton to talk her new show and her old habits.

Everybody loves Patricia Heaton. She is basically top of the list when it comes to being a star in a long-running sitcom. Between Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle Patricia has starred in 18 season of primetime sitcoms. Aside from Kelsey Grammer, can anyone else make the same claim?

And now she’s going for another nine seasons with her new show Carol’s Second Act, which premiered earlier this week. In Carol’s Second Act, Patricia Heaton plays a family woman and high school science teacher who, after retiring as a teacher, goes to medical school. The show begins with Carol’s first day as an intern in a hospital.

Not only is the premise to Carol’s Second Act intriguing and hilarious, it holds a special significance for Heaton as well. She identifies very closely with Carol, and Carol herself serves as an inspiration for anyone wanting to change the direction of their life.

Patricia Heaton was born to perform, she claims. Devoutly religious, Heaton struggled with her calling in life to be a performer, and how that seemed to constantly conflict with her faith. She didn’t get her big break until she managed to find a personal balance for the two most important things in her live.

Even still, a lot has changed for Heaton over the past little bit – a brand new show, and a brand new approach to what she puts in her body. Heaton hasn’t had an alcoholic drink in a long time, for her, and probably many others as well. Without condemning the consumption of alcohol, she felt that it was no longer right for her, and couldn’t be happier with the realization.

Carol’s Second Act is sure to be a hit, since it is Patricia’s third act, in terms of her roles in successful sitcoms. With The Middle and Everybody Love Raymond under her belt, she has big shoes to fill with Carol’s Second Act, but then again, with that track record, how could it possibly fail?

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