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The Office’s John Krasinski Brings His Best to The Late Show

The Office’s John Krasinski Brings His Best to The Late Show

The Office’s John Krasinski Brings His Best to The Late Show


John Krasinski was Stephen’s guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, and more than it was an interview, it was a pretty fun hang out session.

Just, you know, pallin’ around, doing actory stuff. No biggie.

John Krasinski is a Hollywood Jack-of-All-Trades. Comedy actor, drama actor, writer, director, producer, he’s done it all. His new movie, The Quiet Place Part II, is hotly anticipated after the first one was such a smash a couple years ago. Oh, and he also starred in The Office.

The Office, generally the most popular show on whichever streaming sites its on, is a classic that is only snowballing in popularity. On it, Krasinski played Jim Halpert, the hopeless romantic slacker who avoided any kind of serious interaction. He was known for staring down the mockumentary cameras in exasperation over his nutty co-workers. And last night on The Late Show, Krasinski revived the “look”.

Otherwise, Krasinski seems to spend his time being even more of a Hollywood guy by hanging out with and bumping into famous buddies. For example, there was that birthday party that he went to with Ryan Reynolds. It was there that they were able to, you know, hang, chill, talk about stuff… oh yeah, and snuggle with an owl. Famous people, right? You ever go to a birthday party and there’s just an owl for you to hang with?

Then there was that time he sat next to a ninja on an airplane. But this wasn’t an ordinary ninja. In face, it wasn’t a ninja at all, but just another comedian in disguise for still-unknown reasons.

Yeah, Patton Oswalt is weird like that.

There’s a lot to be said about Krasinki’s lack of mentioning The Office. Sure, he Jim’d the camera, but it’s his main squeeze. In this case, silence speaks volumes – for a few years now, everyone’s been asking after The Office revival. Well, that was off limits last night. Which can only mean one of two things: it either definitely is or definitely isn’t happening. So… sorry, no new information on that front, then. Maybe Steve Carell will be on soon?

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