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NCIS: Los Angeles’ Chris O’Donnell Guests on The Late Show

NCIS: Los Angeles’ Chris O’Donnell Guests on The Late Show

NCIS: Los Angeles’ Chris O’Donnell Guests on The Late Show


Star of NCIS: Los Angeles Chris O’Donnell shares some laughs and secrets with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

The pair bonded over being the youngest of many children – O’Donnell the youngest of seven, Colbert of 11. So naturally, they were picked on as kids (Colbert has described his brothers’ torment of him profusely throughout the years on The Late Show). Chris O’Donnell could put up with a lot, but he had one weakness…

Chris O’Donnell, currently best known as G. Callan on NCIS: Los Angeles, has been acting for a long time – his earliest credit being in 1986, when he was 16. Since then, he’s done numerous films, has been Batman’s Robin a couple of times (and probably wants to forget about that…) and many television guest spots, including a long recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy.

His break out role, 1990’s Men Don’t Leave, was a favourite of young Stephen Colbert’s. In fact, it was around the time of that film’s release when they first met – under different circumstances than their recent meetings, of course. While O’Donnell was on his way into his career as a big time movie and television star, Colbert was just getting his start in live theatre around Chicago. They met in a restaurant… where Colbert was serving O’Donnell as his waiter.

Chris O’Donnell has been on NCIS: LA for the entirety of its run. That’s nine seasons! Most television series are lucky to run half that long, and it’s been picked up for a tenth to premiere next fall. But, Colbert has some issues with NCIS: Los Angeles, like: how is there so much navy crime in LA? And why is every navy guy on TV a former SEAL? These are the important questions that the true fans want answers to.

Yeah,O’Donnell is a bit of a big shot due to NCIS: LA (Sundays at 9.00 et/pt on Global). But he’s been a big shot for a few decades now (you don’t ever outrun being Batman’s best friend, no matter how terrible the movies are). Such a big shot, in fact, that he got to meet royalty! Chris O’Donnell, and his family, had dinner with Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales, during the In Love and War premiere. In the 1990s, you can’t really upgrade your “big shot” status beyond that.

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