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Naomi Watts Talks Game of Thrones Prequel on The Late Show

Naomi Watts Talks Game of Thrones Prequel on The Late Show

Naomi Watts Talks Game of Thrones Prequel on The Late Show


Naomi Watts was Stephen’s guest on last night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

Watts is best known for her roles in I Heart Huckabees, Mulholland Drive, 2005’s King Kong, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), and The Impossible, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. And she’s been in so many more. An incredibly well respected actor, Watts has been acting since 1986, where she got her start in Australia. But before moving to Australia and becoming known better as an Australian, Watts grew up on a farm in Wales.  And if you think that’s interesting, wait until she pronounces the name of the nearest Welsh town from where she grew up. Holy.

Anyway, just because she’s such a tremendous actor, don’t think that she hasn’t had her share of rejection. It’s what every actor goes through, and they all have their “worst audition” stories. But very few of them are as dream-shattering as Watts.

But Naomi Watts’ real acting skill shows through specifically in her screams.  A known “scream queen” for her many roles in horror and horror-adjacent films (notably 2002’s The Ring), she’s gotten quite good at it, with many variations. And, she allowed Stephen to pick one for her to demonstrate.

Her incredible acting talent and extensive career has led her to her next, probably super huge role: starring in a Game of Thrones prequel. Well, maybe a prequel (but also probably). Stephen has his speculations, but Naomi Watts didn’t quite say what the next Game of Thrones franchise was going to look like. Games of Thrones fans will have to wait for the final details…

Although ultimately, nothing has been confirmed, and Naomi Watts didn’t spill all the beans… but there were at least a few beans spilled.

Naomi Watts is currently starring in The Loudest Voice, a mini-series about Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, and his take down by Gretchen Carlson. Watts stars opposite of Russel Crowe, who go way back. Because apparently the stereotype is true, all Australians know each other. Russel Crowe appeared on the show the evening before (though his interview occurred after Watts’, due to The Late Show‘s time-travelling shooting schedule) where Stephen tries to get Crowe to pay up for the money that he owes Watts.

Maybe next time they can be on The Late Show at the same time, and settle the Watts/Crowe feud once and for all.

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