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Late Show: Michelle Obama Reflects On Her Legacy

Late Show: Michelle Obama Reflects On Her Legacy

Late Show: Michelle Obama Reflects On Her Legacy

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 20: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. With guest Michelle Obama during Tuesday's 9/20/16 show in New York. (Photo by Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images)


Finally the former First Lady Michelle Obama returns to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

It’s been too long since the absolutely wonderful Michelle Obama was featured on The Late ShowShe finally returned on last night’s episode, hot off her book tour for the sales record-breaking Becoming released earlier in November.

Obama’s Becoming is her memoir, and all about her life, including time spent in the White House – but what she actually thinks is important about her past is how it improves the future. There has been great efforts in Donald Trump’s White House to undo the Obamas’ works, so Michelle Obama wants to make sure that her legacy lives on.


Michelle and Barack are partners – he may have been President, but he valued Michelle’s opinion just as much, if not more than that of his senior staff. And Michelle had some opinions – who wouldn’t, if they had the President’s ear, regardless of relationship? She never abused her position, though, or made Barack’s home an extension of his work – she’d go through official channels when she wanted to give President Obama her opinion.


Similarly to being the President’s confidant, sounding board and advisor, as the First Lady Michelle Obama had to (and still does, to some extent) be a figurehead of morality for the entire country – and even more so for an entire community. It’s a lot of pressure for anybody, and Michelle Obama has continually handled it powerfully and gracefully.


The same can’t be said about the current First Lady, or President, or any of their family members – and Obama responded to that little tidbit that Stephen pointed out with an urge to the American public to vote for the kind of morality they want to see in the White House.

This is why Michelle Obama is a treasure. She’s true to her word – she always goes high. Stephen Colbert can pick the low-hanging fruit; Michelle Obama is continually looking toward the future, toward improvement.

But, since Becoming is a memoir, there is some looking back at the past, as well. Like when Michelle and Barack were still dating – apparently the subject of marriage was a highly volatile one, leading to arguments between Michelle and Barack. You know how the story ends, so that’s all good, but it sure is interesting to hear that Barack Obama was initially resistant to the idea of marriage – so much so, that he ended up proposing during one of their arguments.


You know what the worst part about Michelle Obama appearing on The Late Show is? It means that, now that it’s over, it is literally the longest wait until her next appearance. Hopefully, it’s soon.

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