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Michael Moore Talks Trump and Biden on The Late Show

Michael Moore Talks Trump and Biden on The Late Show

Michael Moore Talks Trump and Biden on The Late Show


Last night Stephen Colbert welcomed documentarian Michael Moore to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


A Call For Vigilance

Michael Moore came right out of the gates on The Late Show with a warning to America. That warning was of course to keep cautious optimism over the recent election. “Trump is once again not dealing with reality,” Moore warns, as Trump begins his downward spiral out of the White House.

Michael Moore is a notably negative man. But he’s also clever, and very aware – as Stephen mentioned, he was one of the few who saw the doom looming in 2016. So maybe it would be best to heed the words of this hesitant harbinger. At least for safety’s sake; he’s unfortunately been right before.


Moore: Less on Trump

Speaking of Trump – still (you may have noticed that Colbert has all but completely censored his name in his monologues now) – Michael Moore won’t be doing any films with Trump as the focus. Enough is enough – we all lived through it. We’re all tired of it. And we can’t handle it. No more. The past four years have just been so Trump, that there’s not much left to say.

But, for the next little while at least, we’ll keep on talking. Because now, referring to Trump can trigger a smile, because he’s got fewer than 70 days left in his presidency.

But that doesn’t mean his supporters have gone anywhere. Moore’s home state, Michigan, was key in Biden’s victory this year – just as it was key to Trump’s victory in 2016. Moore is gracious enough to explain what the heck is wrong with his state, and how it flip-flopped over the past two elections (not to mention, those crazy militias they reportedly have down there).


Moore Shifts to Optimism

Despite his notoriety for being notably negative, Michael Moore couldn’t help but be gleeful. He was talking about Biden’s professionalism, and his grace and humility all through his campaign. Way back to the Democratic race, even – that including Kamala Harris on his ticket despite her attacks on him, and despite how few policies they have in common, is a show of good faith. And that his presidency will be the polar opposite of the past four years.

All said and done, Moore is one of the most respected SocialDem/Liberal/Socialist/whatever-you-want-to-peg-him-as political minds of America. his documentaries Roger & Me, Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 have led the world to the ugly truth behind American capitalism and conservativism. He won’t do a doc on Trump, but he’ll for sure keep the up-and-coming Republicans on their toes.

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