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Mark Jansen Takes a Stand Against Dubious Big Brother Tactics

Mark Jansen Takes a Stand Against Dubious Big Brother Tactics

Mark Jansen Takes a Stand Against Dubious Big Brother Tactics

Houseguest Mark Jansen to compete on this season of BIG BROTHER. CBS’ summer reality hit begins with a two-night premiere event on Wednesday, June 28 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), and one hour on Thursday, June 29 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Julie Chen returns as the host of the hit summer series. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

To a fault he was the friendly giant in the Big Brother 19 house. Mark Jansen, the 26-year-old personal trainer, became the third member of the jury voted out by a 6 to 2 margin. Alex Ow and Jason Dent were Mark’s pity votes so he would not suffer the shame of being voted out unanimously.

To the surprise of some, Mark praised his Big Brother nemesis, Josh Martinez, during his eviction interview with host Julie Chen. Seen as a flip-flopper in the game, Mark says part of that was due to the tactics of the other players.

“Josh and I have been all over. It’s tough to say because when you’re in the situation…from somebody who’s been harassed and bullied before, I’m against it in any way but in the house it’s different because people use it as a strategy. It’s just different strategy and there’s no way to escape in the house. It’s just tough. There was definitely some harassment in the house, especially with Jess [Graf] and Cody [Nickson]. I’m not a fan of it and that’s why I flipped-flopped,” he said.

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Speaking of his turbulent relationship with Josh, that included Josh harassing Mark with pots, pans and insults and Mark throwing pickle juice and hot sauce into Josh’s face, Mark says the pickle juice incident was all in jest.

“It’s hard to regret anything. Josh and I went back and forth all the time. His emotions just got the best of him. I did it out of fun. I was bored. I was on slop. It was a hot day and there was nothing happening in the house and he was really getting on my nerves but I don’t regret the drink. I thought it was funny. I hope everybody watching loved it,” he said.

Described as a teddy bear by many fans, Mark admits he is a very emotional person and that kind of personality may not be cut out for the cutthroat Big Brother game. When Paul and others started to turn on him and sanction intimidation as a strategy, Mark couldn’t play with that side of the house any more nor could he condone their gameplay.

“Paul didn’t put me in the best situation. As much as he wants to say that he had my back, he made me look bad in certain situations. I started speaking up because it just got ridiculous. Maybe I was too emotional for Big Brother, maybe I could have put my emotions aside but there was just too many times that it was just not game. It was people just harassing people and I’m not someone who stands by that,” he said.

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Mark is hopeful that his relationship with Elena Davies will grow into something more as he admits he has never met anyone like her before and he would never have been able to get through the Big Brother experience without her support.

“Even when she wanted to keep her distance and act like we weren’t together, she was always there. To me, that’s everything to me and she’s an incredible women. I’ll see her in jury later so we’ll see what happens from there,” he said.

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As for his thoughts as a juror, Mark believes Alex is playing the best game and he has no respect for how Raven and Matt have been playing.

“Alex is definitely playing the best game. She was a target from Day One so for her to be in the position she is right now with Jason…I’m rooting for her. The worst game? It’s hard to say but I’d have to say Matt. Matt and Raven, it drives me crazy because they just float through the game and they only argue when the rest of the house wants to argue and only take their opinion when five other people have the same opinion,” he said.

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