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Marie Osmond of The Talk Visits The Late Show

Marie Osmond of The Talk Visits The Late Show

Marie Osmond of The Talk Visits The Late Show


After many years of being a little bit country, Marie Osmond finally goes a bit rock and roll by visiting The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – widely known to be the rock and roll late night show, obviously.

Marie Osmond – yes, that Marie, of Donny & Marie – is ubiquitous within 20th century Americana. Marie Osmond pretty well dominated the music charts and the Nielson ratings throughout the 1970s and 1980s. And over the past 11 years, she and her brother have dominated the Las Vegas strip with the hottest stage show in town. That’s all coming to an end, though, because starting last week, Marie Osmond is the newest host of The Talk!


Marie Osmond is no stranger to talk and variety television. Heck, she and Donny pretty much perfected it in the 1970s. So having her on The Talk, which premiered its ninth season just last week, is such a natural fit.

The youngest of eight, Marie was born into a life of performance. Her brothers had incredible success in the early 1970s as the musical group The Osmonds, and it was after that that she and her brother Donny basically invented the “Friday Night Variety Hour” genre.

But being the youngest of eight wasn’t easy. Especially when every single one of those eight was a boy, and she was the only girl.


But being from a stage family has its quirks. When you live a breath performance, you have to learn to live and breath while not performing. Basically, how to come down from that high and what to do when you’re not on a stage.

Which these days, is less time than you’d think for Marie Osmond. Between five shows a week in Vegas (still – though that’s coming to an end) and her new new super new gig on The Talk, Marie Osmond is pretty much on all the time. So she needs to really unwind after all that singing, dancing and talking. But unlike just about every other working person, Marie Osmond continues to do what many would consider work after she gets home.

Must be a pretty clean home, though.

Be sure to watch Marie Osmond’s first season on The Talk on Global, now in its ninth season, every day at 2.00 et/pt.

And catch more of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airing weeknights at 11.35 et/pt on Global, and watch the latest episodes online here on GlobalTV.com!