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Live Feed Spoilers: Tom pushes vote switch

Live Feed Spoilers: Tom pushes vote switch

Live Feed Spoilers: Tom pushes vote switch


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Canadian funnyman Tom Green is attempting to thwart the will of the house and switch up the vote hours before the first live eviction of the season.

Tom spoke to his alliance mate Kato Kaelin about his plan to vote out Kandi instead of Jonathan on the live feeds this afternoon.

“Just so I am on the record, I am going to vote with you guys because it is a team. Lolo, you and Natalie feel really strongly about this Jonathan move but there is still the other move,” Tom began.

“We could single-handedly change the vote without Lolo and Natalie. If you, me and Dina voted for Kandi, Ryan would be the tie-breaker. He would vote for Kandi. Kandi would be gone and then we could have an alliance with Jonathan, Ryan and Joey,” said Tom explaining his scheme.

“The problem I have is Lolo and Ricky just don’t listen. Do we want to be in charge of our fate or do we want to just do what they tell us to do? I was trying to talk to Lolo last night and she was yelling at me. I tried to talk to Ricky. He is yelling at me. We are in an alliance with people who yell at us to get their way and don’t listen to us,” Tom continued as Kato listened on.

“I am not saying it is a bad move. I understand it completely. It could also be a curveball,” said Kato as he considered Tom’s plan.

“People would be freaking out and there would be anarchy in the house which is good sometimes,” laughed Tom.

“I think this is the window to eliminate a strong player. Last year, they had many chances to get rid of the strength and they didn’t,” Kato countered.

Kato and Tom ended their chat but spoke again later in the afternoon.

Kato told Tom he isn’t looking for fun. He wants to win the game.

“Sure, let’s team up with a bunch of sulking, angry people,” said Tom in response.

Tom’s repeated his idea of voting out Kandi but telling Jonathan and Ryan their plan before the vote so they could team up with them in an alliance. They could also pick up Tamar and Dina too so the others would be clearly outnumbered.

Kato claimed Lolo is on their side. Tom disagreed.

“The plan can backfire either way. That is why I am not pushing so hard,” said Tom.

In Kato’s mind as the game moves along, Dina, Joey, Ryan and Jonathan would be votes against them in the end.

Tom sees Ricky winning everything.

“Do you see Ricky during the horse challenge? He is going to win the whole god damn thing,” said Tom.

Kato replied that he feels confident he can win a challenge when he needs to.

On tonight’s live eviction episode on Global either Kandi, Jonathan or Joey will be evicted from the Big Brother house.

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