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Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee fighting to stay

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee fighting to stay

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee fighting to stay


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Mama Felicia isn’t giving up without a fight. The real estate agent from Georgia began making her rounds today trying to convince the houseguests to keep her over Mecole.

Her first chat was with Matt. He told her the vote is not set in stone just yet.

“People are weighing their options…You still have another day. Don’t give up,” he said.

Felicia explained she would be an advantage to keep in the house especially with Cameron making deals this week because he cannot play HoH next week.

Felicia moved to sit right beside Matt.

“If I stay I would be a good option to put him up next week. I am already his target so it takes all the light off you guys and you don’t have to get blood on your hands,” she suggested. “You, Jag, Blue and Cirie. Those are the people I am never going to mess with.”

Felicia claimed Matt is doing Cameron’s dirty work for him.

Felicia went on to speak to Jag in the comic book bedroom.

Felicia admitted that she was trying to get Cory on the block all week long but it didn’t work out that way.

“I have so much more game to play and I am willing to be your scapegoat. I am willing to be that person,” she said. “I won’t mess with you guys and I say that sincerely.”

She repeated that she will work with Jag, Matt, Cirie and Blue exclusively.

“Bowie Jane is going to do whatever you guys do. She is not going to go against the flow,” she said.

“She will vote with the house no matter what,” Jag agreed.

Jag told Felicia he would talk with Matt and see what he thinks.

Jag did meet with Matt in the bathroom minutes later.

He wondered what the best move for the two of them would be this week.

“The best move for us? Probably to keep Felicia,” said Matt.

Matt isn’t sure where Mecole will land but he is sure Felicia won’t come after them.

“I am not worried about the jury aspect when it comes to Felicia,” said Jag.

Matt replied that the reason to keep Felicia off the jury was to help Cameron not them.

“If she was on the jury she would vote for us or Cameron. She has switched up so much now that she is saying now anyone who is floating is not getting her vote which is good for us,” said Jag.

Matt told Jag they have to get Cameron on their side. Going against what he wants as HoH would be a “big thing”.

Two-thirds of The Fugitives continued their discussion as Felicia touched base with Cirie.

Cirie advised that Felicia needs to pull Bowie Jane aside and tell her what she has pitched to Matt and Jag.

Felicia was onto Blue next. She praised Mecole for being a “great person” but thought she could be a better ally for Blue, Jag, Matt and Cirie.

“I think I can help you guys make some big moves that need to be made,” said Felicia.

“Personally, you haven’t done anything or said anything to make me have distrust in you,” said Blue mentioning that she just talked with Mecole and obviously she wants to stay too but she is closer to Felicia by far.

“I think most people are leaning for Mecole to stay but my opinions are my opinions,” said Blue.

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