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Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee checks, double checks her safety

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee checks, double checks her safety

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee checks, double checks her safety


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Nominee Felicia isn’t leaving anything to chance when it comes to Thursday’s vote. She has been promised that she is staying over Cirie but the houseguests know to always expect the unexpected in the Big Brother game.

Felicia grilled HoH Matt about Jag and Bowie Jane’s votes in the HoH room away from everyone else.

“I cannot speak for them. I just think they are weighing their options a lot,” said Matt.

“Now they are thinking about sending me out?” asked Felcia.

“Not necessarily but they are going back and forth, back and forth,” answered Matt.

“Even if I go, you just need to be aware that Bowie and Jag are working together,” advised Felicia.

Matt thanked Felicia insisting that he knows what they are doing and what is going on. He sees them off on their own plotting and scheming.

“Both of them have said they are keeping me but I take that with a grain of salt,” responded Felicia.

Matt assured Felicia that he is fighting for her to stay this week. Felicia insisted that Bowie Jane is going to do whatever Jag does. Matt agreed. He advised Felicia to keep campaigning to Jag.

“I think ultimately he will be the deciding factor,” said Matt promising Felicia if the vote comes down to him breaking a tie vote as the HoH, he is voting for her to stay.

Felicia explained that if it was up to her she wants to sit beside Matt in the finals.

“How do I make that happen? I don’t know,” said a frustrated Felicia.

Later, downstairs, Felicia once again touched base with Matt in the kitchen.

Felicia explained to Matt that she told Jag how Cirie will beat everyone if she makes it to one of the “final chairs” because she has Cory, Cameron and America’s votes. Felicia warned that if Jag and Bowie don’t vote to keep her they will not get her vote either if either of them are with Cirie in the finals.

“I can tell though. When Jag isn’t looking you in the eyes when he is talking to you he is lying,” said Felicia.

Felicia then went to speak to Bowie Jane.

“What is your strategy to the end?” asked Felicia.

“Just surviving to the end,” said Bowie Jane saying that at this point if you don’t win the veto you are screwed.

“It doesn’t even matter who goes up on the block,” said Bowie Jane not giving Felicia much to go on as far as this week’s vote is concerned.

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