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Live Feed Spoilers: Invisible HoH isn’t invisible for long

Live Feed Spoilers: Invisible HoH isn’t invisible for long

Live Feed Spoilers: Invisible HoH isn’t invisible for long


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The identity of the Invisible HoH is the worst kept secret in the Big Brother house.

Jag won the BB Comics, HoH competition and has confirmed that to many of the houseguests.

He has nominated his former best friend in the house, Blue, and Felicia.

In the Have-Not bedroom after the nomination ceremony Jag tried to reassure Blue.

“At least you get to compete in the veto,” he said. “Now we just play the veto.”

“Why me and her? Who you think is HoH then?” asked Blue not knowing she was talking directly to the Invisible HoH.

Jag answered Cory.

When Blue spoke to Matt also pulled the wool over Blue’s eyes.

“Why me and Felicia?” asked Blue.

“That is what I don’t get,” said Matt feigning bewilderment. “I thought it was going to be me and you or me and Jag or Cory and America.”

Matt suggested that maybe this is a backdoor move. Blue disagreed.

Yesterday while speaking to Felicia and Cirie, Jag admitted he had issues with Mecole’s comic book cover during the competition.

“At first I thought this hand might be smaller than that hand or something like that. I couldn’t figure it out,” he said.

“That one did me in for a long time. I couldn’t see what was different,” said Cirie.

“Some of them were really easy,” said Jag.

“Bowie Jane, the red boomerang or the blue boomerang. Hat, no hat on Kirsten. Shoes, no shoes on Red. Reilly’s broken window was easy,” said Cirie.

Felicia complained about her comic book cover.

“They did mine terrible! When I don’t even recognize myself that’s really bad!” she said.

In the bathroom, Matt, Cory, Bowie and America chatted about who they think won. When everyone left, Matt and Jag shook hands and threw up their Minutemen sign. Matt thanked Jag for winning for the team.

“Bro, I was flying though it!” laughed Jag confirming his time was 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

“Who do we want to put up? I want Blue gone but do I put up Felicia and Cirie and backdoor Blue or do I put up Blue and Felicia?” asked Jag. Matt wasn’t sure what they should do. Jag was fearful that Blue would win a Diamond Power of Veto and put Matt on the block out of revenge.

Jag then let the cat out of the bag to Cory before the nomination ceremony as they sat alone in the living room.

“It is me,” he said.

Cory breathed a sigh of relief.

Jag asked Cory the same thing he asked Matt. Whether he should put up Blue and Felicia or backdoor Blue.

“If you put up Felicia and Blue they will think it was me which is fine,” said Cory.

Cory and Jag then joined America and Matt in the bathroom.

“Did you talk to Blue?” Jag asked America.

“She denied it,” answered America as she curled her hair.

“I am getting heavy vibes it is Cirie,” said Cory.

Jag then smiled at America confirmed it was him.

“Cockadoodle zoom!” said an excited America.

“Cockadoodle zoom, baby!” laughed Jag as America stood up and hugged him.

A few minutes later, Jag told Bowie the news in the Have-Not Room.

“I just told Matt. Matt knows. I just told you but I haven’t told anyone else,” Jag fibbed.

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