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Live Feed Spoilers: HoH treads carefully with nominations

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH treads carefully with nominations

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH treads carefully with nominations


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Although his true target has shifted back and forth since winning HoH, Jag has put Blue and America on the block.

When Jag received his HoH room he received a letter from his family.

It read:

Congratulations on winning Head of Household! We are so excited and proud of you! It is a huge deal that in the community that you are even on this platform so remember not to stress too much about the daily things. We are sure that we don’t even have to remind you of that since you have never been much of a stresser and more of a napper anyways.

We are so grateful that you were with us when we celebrated our anniversary together and had the prayer at home. Those are such special celebrations to have with you here. Our love and blessings are with you throughout this journey. Ever since you were born we knew you would do big things and you have made us all so proud. It takes a lot of courage to be where you are. You are being rooted on by the Okanogan County Community and our Sikh and Punjabi communities as well.

Your kindness and humor are radiating and we have had so much fun laughing along with your jokes. Life out here is the same but even more exciting because you are on Big Brother. No matter what happens in the house remember that you have made everyone so proud and our love for you is unconditional. We love you and miss you immensely.

Back to the business of his HoH reign, Jag met with Felicia and gave her the lowdown on his thinking this week.

“This week is pretty straightforward. I think everyone knows. America has made it clear she is gunning after me. I made it publicly clear I wasn’t going to let her win. The only decision is who sits next to her,” he told her.

Felicia explained that if Jag and Matt are serious about an alliance with her she shouldn’t touch the block this week. Felicia pushed Bowie Jane to be nominated alongside America but Jag brushed that off saying she is too “emotional”. Jag assured Felicia she is not going on the block. She was thankful.

Speaking with Bowie, Jag confirmed his choices.

“I want to put up Blue and America. Felicia is happy. I told her I don’t want to get any more new blood on my hands. She pitched you and I said I don’t want to do that and lose her trust,” he said.

Despite their past, America promised Jag and Matt safety.

Jag then met with his ride-or-die Matt. Matt noticed that America seemed to storm out of the room.

“She doesn’t want to be on the block but I told her she has to be,” said Jag.

“Obviously, she has to know that. She literally said our f—–g names out loud to everyone,” replied Matt.

“I told Cirie that Blue is the target. She actually brought it up herself…Blue is going to go up. I just haven’t told her yet. I am going to tell her that I need a competitor,” Jag told Matt.

In his chat with Blue, he maintained that she is just a pawn this week.

Blue said she had a feeling Jag would do that.

Jag repeated his explanation that he didn’t want new blood on his hands and that she is a better competitor than Felicia. He still wants America to go home.

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