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Live Feed Spoilers: Cory lashes out at Jared

Live Feed Spoilers: Cory lashes out at Jared

Live Feed Spoilers: Cory lashes out at Jared


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Who knew that America being picked by Red to play in the veto competition would cause such a ruckus in the house but it has.

Hearing that HoH Jared might put America on the block as a replacement nomination has Cory on the warpath.

Jared has nominated Cameron and Red for eviction with Cameron being the player he wants gone.

Cory confronted Jared in the HoH room about targeting America just after the meeting determining the veto players ended.

“That is not how a relationship f—–g works!” yelled Cory.

“I get that, Cory. But, you have to understand, bro,” said Jared sitting on the couch as Cory stood leaning into his face.

Jared feels certain that America won’t try to actually win and will throw the competition even though she knows his plan is to get Cameron out this week.

“She has admitted to me that she is throwing every competition. I really don’t have time for that s—t this time! That’s the problem. I have got to trust someone to be who they show me to be. I have always left her alone because it was never something that bothered me. I don’t want her to f—k up my plan. If she is going to be part of this and if she is going to f—k this s—t up then she is going to mess her own game up. I promise you, I will put her up! She can throw any other competition she wants. This one, I need her to f—–g actually play!” said an angry Jared.

“She has been playing the middle between two sides and now THIS side is targeting her!” said Cory trying to make Jared understand.

“That is why people don’t trust her. She doesn’t have a side,” answered Jared.

“Do you understand what has changed? Do you see the landscape?” said Cory referring to the mood of the house and its politics.

“If you don’t try you are not trying to help me. You know what the plan is. You know why we need to get this person out. If you don’t put your best foot forward to make sure that it happens then what is my use for you? You have to understand that, Cory. You cannot not get that,” replied Jared.

“I get it and you are wrong! That is why I am f—–g pissed off! You are freaking out at me for something that isn’t going to happen and I know it is not going to happen…I know you don’t trust her and I know you trust me. I get that part,” snapped Cory. “I have been dragging America’s name through the mud for the last four days I don’t need you doing it to me. My final three is not you and America.”

“Would you rather me not talk to you about it?” asked Jared.

“I would rather you talk to me about it than she run to Izzy telling her you are putting her on the block!” said Cory.

“You are my number one in this game. You have to be on the same wave length, dude,” said a frustrated Cory. “I am not asking you to trust her. I am asking you to see what is happening. This is not a situation where America is throwing a competition.”

“You think she is going to try to win it?” asked Jared.

“I am certain of it. That isn’t me being f—–g naive. I know America. I know she is not loyal. I know she is not long for this game. I f—–g got that but why the f—k is my closest ally telling me that one person who trusts me, she’s f—–g gone on my HoH!” said Cory raising his voice once again.

“I am trying to get us two to the end of this f—–g game! We cannot lose Blue and America, not yet! In a couple of weeks, sure,” he continued.

“There is something going on with America, bro,” said Jared.

“Yeah, no s—t,” said Cory.

“Matt has been going around this house telling everyone he is throwing every competition and if Matt throws this competition are you going to put Matt up?” Cory asked.

“For sure,” said Jared.

“That would be f—–g stupid,” said Cory shaking his head.

“If you aren’t willing to get someone out in this game who is threatening me then I don’t need you!” said Jared now raising his voice.

“But there are people who are not willing to help you out with that s—t but are willing to put you up,” said Cory.

“Who?” asked Jared.

“Bowie,” said Cory.

“Who?” asked Jared.

“Red,” said Cory.

“I am not worried about Bowie and Red,” said Jared flatly.

“Are you worried about Jag?” asked Cory.

“Hell, no. The only person I am worried about in this house is Cameron and if they aren’t willing to get Cameron out what does it do for me?” said Jared.

“How does Cirie feel about getting Matt out? This is our group. We have to maintain our group,” asked Cory. “I cannot have you be one of the people who torches my s—t!”

“I am not and I don’t want you to feel that way,” said Jared trying to talk Cory down.

Cory agreed to speak to America and convince her not to throw the competition.

As he exited the HoH room Cory said under his breath: “F—–g moron!”.

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