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Live Feed Spoilers: Best friends on the block

Live Feed Spoilers: Best friends on the block

Live Feed Spoilers: Best friends on the block


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

They have gone from the proverbial penthouse to the outhouse in just one week.

Last week, Cameron was Head of Household and Red won the Power of Veto. Now, both are on the block courtesy of HoH Jared.

Of the five weeks of the game Cameron has been nominated three times now.

Cameron questioned Jared in the HoH room after the ceremony.

“I completely understand if you are mad at me. I completely understand if you are upset. Like I said in my speech, I really do hope that you trust me and you understand what my decision was. I hope that I can prove that to you,” he said.

Jared explained that he put Cameron up because if not and he won the veto he would save his friend Red.

“If you have a plan for this thing and this is exactly what you want I told you last night if you want to make a big move I will bend over backwards to help you do it. I just didn’t know I would be bending this hard. Just next time, tell me,” asked Cameron.

Earlier, Jared and Blue floated strategies in the HoH room.

“That is why I wanted to talk to everyone about about it considering that Cameron doesn’t want to go up. I told you that last night he said he wanted a week off,” said Jared.

Even though that is Cameron’s stance Jared made it clear that he was still an option. Jared was surprised that he threw out America as the nomination next to Red.

“If I nominate him he has to go. In the unlikely event that he doesn’t go he cannot win HoH. He is definitely going to take a shot at me,” said Jared of Cameron.

“The curse of the HoH. It is scary,” said Blue.

“I am thinking more and more who do I put up to Red because I don’t trust that America will win the veto. I am not fully sold that Red is going to win either,” said Jared thinking out loud.

Blue tried to put things in perspective.

“If we think about it the only competition Cameron has won is the Pressure Cooker and that was you just stand there. He had the mentality for it but didn’t have to do anything physical. You just had to stand there,” she said.

Jared let Matt in to join the conversation.

“I told Red he is going to go up for sure. I told Cameron that he possibly might go up. He doesn’t want to go up,” said Jared to Cameron bringing him up to speed.

Matt told Jared and Blue that Cameron is going around telling everyone that he might volunteer to be nominated.

Jared wondered if he should backdoor Cameron.

“I would backdoor him,” said Matt.

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