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Live Feed Spoilers: A prayer for a Zombie

Live Feed Spoilers: A prayer for a Zombie

Live Feed Spoilers: A prayer for a Zombie


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

As the hours tick down to Zombie Cameron’s decision to play in the final round of the Resurrection Rumble or force Zombie Jared to, Cirie is hoping some divine intervention will tip the scales in her son’s favour.

When they were alone in the comicverse bedroom this morning Jared handed Cirie a family photo he received as HoH.

“I thought you might want to keep it somewhere secure,” he said.

“No, I would be so scared. One slip-up and it would be: Why does she have THAT picture? I do want to keep it though,” said Cirie looking at it and smiling.

“I am scared to keep it,” said Cirie debating to give it back to Jared or not.

“That makes sense,” said Jared.

“I want to pray for you,” said Cirie standing up and taking his hand in her hand.

“God in the name of Jesus we ask if it would be your will that Jared stays in the house, Lord. We ask that you shine your favour on him…Lord, you know he is a good boy. Please make his wish your will. All things through you are possible, Lord, we know that. In Jesus name, I pray,” said Cirie kissing Jared on the cheek and telling him she loves him.

The conversation then switched back to strategy.

“I talked to Cameron yesterday. He is getting so nervous. He is thinking of letting me play. I would rather play or let him play scared because I know what I am going to do. If you give me a minute, I will climb the Eiffel Tower!” Jared declared. “I am going to keep playing it the way I have been playing it. Let him make the decision to lose it himself or he will let me play and I will win it.”

Jared speculated that the producers will let Cameron see what the final Resurrection Rumble competition is before deciding to play or not.

“He knows they are going to let us see it (the competition) first,” said Jared.

“That will be the decision-maker for him,” replied Cirie.

Cirie told Jared that she is going to fast and pray all day for him.

“I will do it with you,” said Jared but Cirie wasn’t having any of that.

“No, you need to be healthy just in case you have to do something tomorrow,” she said.

Cameron will have to make his big decision live on tomorrow night’s Big Brother episode at 9:00 PM ET on Global. Either Cameron or Jared will be returning to the game depending on the outcome of the Resurrection Rumble.

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READER ALERT: This week there is a special Big Brother schedule. The show will air Sunday at 10:00 PM ET but there will be no Wednesday episode. The Thursday episode will air at 9:00 PM ET on Global TV.

Live Feed Spoilers: Big Brother Zombie ponders their odds of resurrection