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The Late Show welcomes back Joe Biden

The Late Show welcomes back Joe Biden

The Late Show welcomes back Joe Biden

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 6: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Vice President Joseph Biden during Tuesday's 12/06/16 show in New York. (Photo by Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images)


Joe Biden is a much beloved man. You may know him from his Vice Presidency to Barack Obama’s Presidency from 2009 to 2017, or you might know him from those prankster Joe Biden memes (if you don’t, be sure to check them out – the fictionalized ol’ Joe makes sure that Donald Trump’s stay in the White House is as uncomfortable as possible). Or you may know him as one of Stephen’s best interviews on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Joe Biden was on the third episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, during the first week of its broadcast in September of 2015. In that interview Biden was warm, touching, funny, honest… there’s a reason that 439 episodes later, it’s still one of the best interviews the show has had. Biden and Stephen Colbert get on famously – while Stephen is a good interviewer at the worst of times, you can tell that Joe brings out the best in him.

Said interview occurred in September of 2015, to put it into context. More blatantly, it happened before all this schmuckery with the office of The President of the United States of America unfolded into the perverse apocalyptic petting zoo we know oh-so-well today. Back in those days, nobody thought Donald Trump would make it to presidency. Heck, this was before the parties elected their nomination – nobody thought that he’d even get that far (but that’s another sad, sad story we, again, know oh-so-well). Biden’s high-profile appearance received high-profile attention for the high-profile hopes that he was going to announce his candidacy. But ol’  prankster Joe went another way with it.

Disappointing, because Biden is great at politics and serving the public. He has some great insights as to the shape of the political world today, and would be a welcome leader in any position of government.

Last time VP Joe Biden came around to The Late Show, Stephen made a little challenge to him and Barack Obama – a two-on-two basketball game involving the former (though at the time, current… which hardly seems real these days) President/Vice President combo against Stephen and his band leader, Jon Batiste of Stay Human repping The Late Show.

It still hasn’t happened. There’s a lot riding on Biden’s appearance on The Late Show on Monday – mainly, will this basketball game happen??? What we know is that Stephen, Joe and Jon are in. What we’re waiting for is word from President Obama. Maybe if Stephen promises windsurfing, Mai Tais and a hangout session with Bruce Springsteen after, he’d more readily accept.

Maybe it’s not in Colbert’s best interest to have this game after all…

So clearly Joe Biden isn’t afraid to show his silly side, and it’s among the best things ever when Stephen gets his guests to appear in his recurring sketches. Classics include Tom Hanks in the Jack Handey-inspired Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars; John Cleese bringing his own big furry hat for a Big Furry Hat-off; Taran Killam creeping up during Stephen’s Midnight Confessions. Joe Biden has already joined Stephen for a Family Meeting session, which went just about the best way you could ever hope.

Maybe Biden will don a furry hat, or lay on the plaid blanket while he and Stephen look up at the stars, pondering life’s biggest mysteries? Who knows, but whatever it is, it’s gonna be great.

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