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Late Show: The Office Isn’t On Steve Carell’s Watch List

Late Show: The Office Isn’t On Steve Carell’s Watch List

Late Show: The Office Isn’t On Steve Carell’s Watch List


Stephen Colbert’s old Daily Show and Dana Carvey Show pal Steve Carell stopped by for his umpteenth visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

Who doesn’t know Steve Carell? The Office is only the most watched TV show on whichever streaming services it’s on these days. Seriously, that’s no exaggeration. With all the new, high-budget, star-stuffed TV shows streaming out there, the most popular one is a 15-year-old 22 minute comedy that barely got its second season. And of all these people watching The Office, star of the show, Steve Carell, isn’t one of them.

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell are old friends. From starting up on stage at Second City, to getting the Dana Carvey Show gig together, and finally moving into a long stint on The Daily Show before parting ways, Carell and Colbert have a personal and professional history. And it’s adorable.

With such an intertwined career, it’s a surprise that Carell and Colbert don’t work together more often. Although you don’t catch Colbert doing much of anything outside of The Late Show anymore.

But when they do get together, it’s freaking hilarious. During the interview, the two of them decide to recreate one of their Dana Carvey Show skits – the one where they’re waiters trying not to throw up at the mention of food. And here’s the twist: that sketch got them both hired on to The Daily Show.

There is another, quite infamous segment that Carell and Colbert did together. If you’ve ever seen either of these guys talk about their time on The Daily Show, you’ve probably heard them bring this one up. For this segment on The Daily Show, the guys wanted to do a report on the affects of an evening binge. So, they put it to the test; while Colbert watched, Carell drank as much as he possibly could in one evening.

The fallout from that wasn’t pretty – Steve Carell tried to vomit (for real this time) out of Colbert’s wife’s car but the window was up, and Carell was on the outs with Colbert’s wife for a while after that night.

But, they’re all still friends. They’ve made up since.

There’s no telling what stories you’ll hear, or what antics you’ll see when these two guys get together. Now, if Colbert only needed another sidekick.

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