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Late Show: Samuel L. Jackson Wants Mace Windu’s Return; Says Nick Fury’s Cooler Than Shaft

Late Show: Samuel L. Jackson Wants Mace Windu’s Return; Says Nick Fury’s Cooler Than Shaft

Late Show: Samuel L. Jackson Wants Mace Windu’s Return; Says Nick Fury’s Cooler Than Shaft


Living legend Samuel L. Jackson made his return to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert after three years to talk about his three most influential roles in pop culture.

That’s right, Samuel L. Jackson, known for hits such as Pulp Fiction, Unbreakable, Jurassic Park and Snakes On A Plane, returned to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Oh, in addition to those massive box-office hits, he’s also been a part of the two biggest film franchises at the moment: the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars.

But, despite his proclivity towards film, Jackson has felt the stage calling, as many actors do. It’s where most actors get their start, and the real artists who care deeply about their craft find themselves romantic about returning.

But even real artists care about their personal lives, and as horrid as filming schedules can be, Broadway schedules are much worse.

Sam Jackson just oozes cool. This guy is 70 years old and is still as smooth as he was 40 years ago. And because of that, he gets to play all the coolest characters. Jules Winnfield is one of the coolest guys out there. You know, except for all the murdering. Even the most uptight, conservative rule-stickler Jedi in the galaxy, Mace Windu, is pretty cool simply by Sam Jackson proxy. And then of course, there’s Shaft, pretty much the coolest character ever made, and therefore the coolest character Jackson ever played.

Or is he?

Fury being cooler than Shaft is a hard sell. But Jackson knows cool, so maybe there’s something to that.

Aside from playing really cool characters, Sam Jackson has also played massive nerds, like the aforementioned Star Wars character Mace Windu (who is essentially the space wizard version of every dean from any 1980s college movie). But out of Jackson’s mouth comes a truth that everyone has always been hoping for: he wants Mace Windu to return. Say what you will about the prequel trilogy overall, it has its good points – and Mace Windu definitely is near the top of that list.

But Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t just play cool people. He is a cool person. His style, his swagger, his general persona. He’s even got the whole political resistance thing down. While everyone was burying their heads to the inevitable during the 2016 election, Samuel L. Jackson was warning everyone about what was going to happen the last time he was on The Late Show, in an effort to get them to vote!

It didn’t work, obviously. But it was pretty cool that he tried.

Samuel L. Jackson isn’t likely to retire anytime soon, despite being 70. And despite being 70, he’s still got the goods to play a man 20 years his junior – he just doesn’t age! Someone ask him and Paul Rudd what the secret is.

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