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Late Show LIVE: Trump’s State of the Union Speech

Late Show LIVE: Trump’s State of the Union Speech

Late Show LIVE: Trump’s State of the Union Speech


Another year has gone by and Stephen Colbert is back with another live political coverage episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. This time, Donald Trump’s State of the Union is on the block, and boy does Stephen have some chopping to do.

That’s right, The Late Show was airing live to give post-coverage of Donald Trump’s 2018 State of the Union address: a 90-minute long speech on how he thinks America is doing – so prepare to vehemently disagree.

There were so many thing that Donald Trump put in his crosshairs during his State of the Union address: healthcare, “the war on clean coal” (whatever-the-heck that might even be), and of course the very people that make the government chug along – federal workers. That’s right, Donald Trump made an only slightly veiled threat to the FBI, who just happen to be investigating him and his kind for things like collusion, embezzlement and treason. Minor things, really.

It’s a lot to take in all at once – Stephen Colbert’s highlight reel turned out to be a slightly more eloquently put “Greatest Hits” from Donald Trump. So, obviously Trump just had to dwell on how much he hates immigrants – sorry, how much he hates immigration. There is a notable difference (and libel laws can be sticky like that).

Colbert had some pretty strong retorts to the nonsense and straight-up false information Trump was spreading about America’s immigration policy. Not covered by Colbert (though later briefly brought up by Colbert’s guests, the Pod Save America guys) was Trump’s exploitative use of a pair of parents whose daughters were killed in gang violence. It’s a heartbreaking story, which Trump paraded in front of the country to make a loose connection to gangs and so-called immigration related violence. It was a sentiment he shared that could only have the intention of being divisive.

Speaking of the boys from the podcast Pod Save America: if you aren’t familiar, they are Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and John Favreau. And these guys know politics, from working in the Obama administration and hosting one of America’s top political podcasts. So, as political commentators, assistants and speechwriters, when it comes to eloquent State of the Union addresses, trust them to know what they’re talking about. And what they talk about is an incoherent mess of a speech that came from Trump (attributed to the fact that he had to read a speech rather than type up some tweets).

Another disheartening speech by Donald Trump shouldn’t sting so much anymore, but with the extra special fanfare around this one, and the obvious divisiveness of the speech, one can’t anymore ignore the question: what is going on here?

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