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Late Show: Kevin Hart Says “I’m Done” to Controversy

Late Show: Kevin Hart Says “I’m Done” to Controversy

Late Show: Kevin Hart Says “I’m Done” to Controversy

NEW YORK - JUNE 5: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Kevin Hart during Monday's June 5, 2017 show. (Photo by Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images)


Kevin Hart finished off his interview-heavy Wednesday with an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to tell Stephen what he’d been saying all day: that he’s “over it” with his recent controversy.

Kevin Hart spent most of his Wednesday making appearance after appearance on talk shows, starting with Good Morning America and ending with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to announce to his detractors that he’s not responding anymore.

If you need a bit of a brush up as to why Kevin Hart felt like he needed to do this, here’s the scoop: in the late aughts, Hart published many tweets that said some pretty heinous things regarding the gay community, freely using homophobic slurs along the way. Last month when Hart was announced as the host for the upcoming 91st Academy Awards, many of these tweets resurfaced and came into public awareness. The Academy told Hart to apologize and step down as host. He stepped down, but didn’t apologize initially. A month and several eventual apologies later, Hart is backed by Ellen on her show, and both take criticism for being tone deaf. And now he’s done apologizing.

Which isn’t really something someone who is sincerely sorry would do. Nor something that someone with any respect toward the community he derided would do, either.

So, even though he announced over and over, all Wednesday, from morning to night, that he wasn’t going to talk about it anymore (maybe he meant starting Thursday?), he continued:

Stephen wasn’t impressed during Hart’s “step off” to allyship – as that topic wraps up, Colbert is visibly distressed over his guest’s braggadocious apathy. Colbert has said some insensitive things over the years, but he’s always been for cultural and social progression, and has a willingness to learn. He didn’t see that same willingness in Hart.

But how’s the saying go – the show must go on? Hart is still a big enough star to be booked into two slots – which is a lot of time to fill, even after spending five minutes talking about that thing that he doesn’t want to talk about. So, on a related note, he dives deep into what this year’s Oscars would have been like were he still in line to host, and how he thinks this year’s Oscars should go down now that he isn’t:

Kevin Hart is a good comedic actor and a funny guy – there’s a reason why he was set to host the Oscars in the first place. But his lack of cultural awareness and willingness toward accountability have damaged his career more than the original tweets ever could have.

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