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Late Show: Jon Hamm Accidentally After-Partied With Trump

Late Show: Jon Hamm Accidentally After-Partied With Trump

Late Show: Jon Hamm Accidentally After-Partied With Trump


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert welcomed back Jon Hamm to talk space stuff (or rather, avoid it), Top Gun: Maverick, the movies they made together and partying with Donald Trump.

Jon Hamm is one of those very talented dramatic actors who slowly revealed himself to be a very talented comedic actor. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him or his dramatic roles, but he’s a zany, silly guy. Which is why it’s always nice to see him and Stephen pal around, because they riff of each other so splendidly well. Take, for instance, Jon Hamm’s trolling Stephen when the topic of his new movie comes up.

He just refused to engage with Stephen on the topic that his publicist probably booked him on the show for. That takes guts and a warped sense of humour.

Speaking of warped, Jon Hamm inadvertently partied with Donald Trump a few years back. It was 2015, to be exact: before President Trump. Heck, it was when people were still snickering about the possibility of Trump getting the nomination. What naive times.

If only that episode of Saturday Night Live was the last time we saw Trump on the show, whether played by him or by Alec Baldwin. Sadly, we’re seeing him nearly every week now – despite Baldwin’s great performance, it’s a grim reminder.

Jon Hamm will be starring in the upcoming sequel to the 1986 film Top Gun, titled Top Gun: Maverick. There’s a lot of secrecy surrounding this film, such as… well, everything about it save for some of the cast. But Jon Hamm was able to acknowledge that yes, this film does exist, and yes, he will be in it. Whether he will be clothed, or not, he was unable to confirm.

Colbert afforded Hamm one more chance to get down and silly. In Stephen’s recurring Late Show segment “Maybe Coming Soon”, he and Hamm discuss movies they’ve done together. Of course, all these movies are fake, and they’re both improvising because neither of them have been told what these movies are. It really is a hoot.

Jon Hamm really does live up to his name. A delightfully goofy guy, and remarkable performer, be it for laughs or tears.

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