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Late Show: Jamie Foxx Guests; Deadpool Crashes Monologue

Late Show: Jamie Foxx Guests; Deadpool Crashes Monologue

Late Show: Jamie Foxx Guests; Deadpool Crashes Monologue


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was action-packed, with Jamie Foxx as Colbert’s sole guest, and Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds interrupting the monologue!

Jamie Foxx got first and only billing on this episode of The Late Show. You all know him, whether it’s from his stand-up comedy, one of his many, many films including Django UnchainedBaby DriverThe Amazing Spider-Man 2, and of course Ray – for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor. Or maybe you know him from one of his TV shows: In Living ColorThe Jamie Foxx Show, and Beat Shazam, which he produces. Either way, the guy works, and you’d almost have to try to not see anything with Jamie Foxx in it over the past twenty-five years.

That’s right, Foxx is a master of all – and he showed it right away on The Late Show. He gave a sample of just about everything he’s good at – singing, dancing, comedy, Dave Chappelle impressions – before the interview even started.

Foxx has been around for a long time. Fifty years old now, he’s been working since he was in his early 20s, his first big break being the sketch comedy series In Living Color, which he was on from 1991 to 1994. After that, his career took off – to the point that he was P. Diddy’s go-to guy when there was a party to throw.

Foxx recollects one such party, wherein he met some of today’s biggest names in music when they were still fresh faced youngsters waiting for their big break – Jay Z, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West were all at the Puff Daddy party.

It was such a high energy interview over three segments (one of which included his daughter and host of Beat Shazam, Corinne Foxx), it’s hard to imagine Foxx just doing one segment. Here’s hoping he returns soon to dominate yet another episode of The Late Show.

But that’s not all that happened on last night’s episode. While Stephen complained about the never ending lineup of superhero movies during his monologue, Deadpool himself stepped on stage to plug the upcoming film Deadpool 2.

Yes, it’s definitely Ryan Reynolds under the mask – who else could it be? But he’s in character as Deadpool, breaking the fourth wall as usual (and saying some not-so-nice thing about Ryan Reynolds). But if Deadpool’s good at anything aside from slicing his enemies in two, it’s quips. So to give Stephen a break, Deadpool finishes Stephen’s monologue for him, Trump jokes and all.

Don’t you think that Deadpool should guest host an entire episode of The Late Show sometime soon? He’d look great in a suit and tie.

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