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The Late Show: Hillary Clinton Weighs in on Mueller Investigation

The Late Show: Hillary Clinton Weighs in on Mueller Investigation

The Late Show: Hillary Clinton Weighs in on Mueller Investigation

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 19: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Hillary Clinton during Tuesday's September 19, 2017 show. (Photo by Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images)


Last night The Late Show with Stephen Colbert welcomed Hillary Rodham Clinton for a full three-session interview as the episode’s spotlight – and only – guest.

After many minutes of the crowd standing and cheering, Hillary Rodham Clinton visited her old friend Stephen Colbert on The Late Show for what feels like at least, what, the half-dozenth time? These two are old pals by now, and between her and Bill, at this point the surname “Clinton” has probably appeared in the Late Show opening credits more than any other (not including Colbert and Batiste, obviously).

One of the first things to come up in conversation is the fun fact that Clinton was involved in the impeachment of President Nixon after the Watergate scandal. As a young lawyer, Clinton was there when Nixon was first being brought down into his eventual impeachment.

If there’s one old adage that needs to come true right now, it’s “history repeats itself”.

Clinton is promoting the paperback release of her 2017 book What Happened, which includes a new afterword by her titled “Democracy in Crisis Under Trump”. Those are pretty heavy words, not to be taken lightly, so it’s pretty scary that she insists “crisis” is indeed the correct word for this situation.


So according to Clinton you have democracy being attacked by the head of state – the President himself, Donald Trump, is a threat to American democracy. And, bad news, he’s not the only one. There’s hard evidence that Russia interfered on multiple fronts in the 2016 presidential election, and influenced the Trump victory. With the 2018 midterm elections fast approaching in November, Hillary Clinton wants to send out a warning to the American people: Russia committed an act of cyberwar, and it’s their duty to fight it, and their right to say “no” by going to the polls and voting.


As for the on-going investigation that has nail clipper sales in the toilet, Clinton believes the Mueller investigation has every right to both indict and subpoena Trump – but that right does not necessarily extend to any unlawful act by any President. There’s nuance to these situations – a President being in legal trouble is a big deal that should disrupt an entire nation and be taken very seriously. So seriously that how to solve the situation is built into the Constitution. But when it comes to Trump, his actions have checked all the “good-to-go” boxes for Mueller to make his move, whenever he feels ready. Don’t rush the man – he knows what he’s doing, let him deliver perfection when he’s good and ready.


It’s goodbye to Clinton, for now, but you know she’ll be back soon for another enlightening and edifying interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

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