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The Late Show: George R.R. Martin Talks New Game of Thrones Books

The Late Show: George R.R. Martin Talks New Game of Thrones Books

The Late Show: George R.R. Martin Talks New Game of Thrones Books

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: 70th ANNUAL PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS -- Pictured: Writer George R. R. Martin arrives to the 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Microsoft Theater on September 17, 2018. NUP_184216 (Photo by Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


Author of the book series Game of Thrones is based on, George R.R. Martin, reveals his upcoming book schedule, discusses the newest Song of Ice and Fire release and nerd out with Stephen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

The notoriously-behind author (The Winds of Winter is at least three years past due) found himself on time for The Late Show, and he may have finally met his match when it comes to nerding out over fantasy novels in Stephen Colbert.

George R.R. Martin is of course the man behind the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, the series that inspired the widely popular HBO television series Game of Thrones (the title of the TV series is actually the title of the first book in the series). But did you know it all started with turtles? That’s right, without tiny little pet turtles – specifically the tiny little pet turtles George R.R. Martin kept as a child – there would be no Ice and Fire, no Game of Thrones; no Tyrion, no Jon Snow, and the only famous Stark would be the guy flying around in a metal computer suit blasting interdimensional, finger-snapping aliens.

Some say that George R.R. Martin is the new J.R.R. Tolkein, or the greatest/most influential fantasy novelist since Tolkein released his works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It’s true than no fantasy writer has found even close to the success that Martin has, but comparing his works to Tolkein’s is like comparing  Jon Kricfalusi’s to Walt Disney’s, or Frank Miller’s to Stan Lee’s. Sure, they both of the same genre and medium, but what Martin puts out is considerably different in tones and themes to The Lord of the Rings. Mainly, it has way more sex and violence. Especially sex.


Now, while all the fans wait for the next Ice and Fire book, and the TV wraps up without Martin’s version of the ending, he’s been sitting around writing Blood and Fire, a sort-of prequel to the Ice and Fire series. It’s more of a history book – his Silmarillion, he says. It’s not exactly what the fans want – because it’s not The Winds of Winter, the next promised book in the series – but it’s the 700+ part one of a two part book, so fans probably won’t be disappointed.



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