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Late Show: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to Tell Trump Secrets

Late Show: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to Tell Trump Secrets

Late Show: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to Tell Trump Secrets

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 21: Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe arrives for a meeting with members of the Oversight and Government Reform and Judiciary committees in the Rayburn House Office Building December 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. McCabe testified before the House Intelligence Committee for ten hours on Tuesday. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


The former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe will be Stephen’s guest on Tuesday on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and if the past week is any indication, he’s got some stuff to say about Trump!

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has worked closely with Donald Trump. He was the Deputy Director, primarily working under James Comey, until former Attorney General fired him in March last year, two days before his scheduled retirement. Sessions claimed to have good reason for the firing, but failed to provide it; it suspiciously looked personal, coming down from the very top.

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Over the past week, McCabe has let known that the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had been looking into removing Donald Trump from office. He was counting Cabinet votes, bringing up the 25th Amendment (that’s the one that allows a President to be impeached, in layman’s terms) and generally sniffing around to see what it would take to get that guy out of the government for good. Heck, McCabe even said Rosenstein was willing to wear a wire to bring Trump down. Rosenstein has since denied the allegations, but you have to wonder, why were they made in the first place?

The other thing is, McCabe worked for the FBI. At this point the FBI probably knows more about Donald Trump than Donald Trump himself. So when Trump went around thinking he was still on The Apprentice and firing the FBI’s upper brass, he was inviting some serious retaliation. Comey has already released his book, which has revealed a lot about the Trump presidency, and now it’s McCabe’s turn.

And he’s revealing it all in his new book The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump, which critics and reporters everywhere are calling the realest, most revealing and disparaging Trump tell-all yet.

Colbert has had all the guys who have done books on the Trump administration on: notably James Comey, Chris Christie and Michael Wolff (who is known as an inveterate liar, and rightfully so, but still had some major truthbombs in his book Fire and Fury), who all had unfavourable things to say about the President and his circle, to put it lightly. And on The Late Showthese guys usually drop some juicy facts that they don’t anywhere else – The Late Show has become a platform for breaking news and announcements. That’s how much people love what Colbert’s been doing the past three and a half years. McCabe’s got something big for The Late Show, and it’s going to be significant.

All this is putting McCabe in the hot seat – Senator Lindsey Graham has threatened to bring him in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is trouble nobody needs. There’s also the matter of libel – if McCabe has published information about Trump, Rosenstein, Sessions or anyone that he can’t prove, then he’s wide open to a lawsuit. But McCabe isn’t a stupid man – stupid men don’t get appointed to high-up positions unless they’re appointed by an even stupider man (and he was in his position as Deputy Director before Trump was in office, so…). He isn’t going to make himself legally vulnerable like that – he’s probably got the proof he needs.

It looks like somebody’s in trouble…

So be sure to tune in and watch Andrew McCabe dish on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,airing Tuesday January 29 at 11.35 et/pt on Global, and watch the latest episodes online here on GlobalTV.com!