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Late Show Exclusive: Mindy Kaling Announces Birth of Her Son

Late Show Exclusive: Mindy Kaling Announces Birth of Her Son

Late Show Exclusive: Mindy Kaling Announces Birth of Her Son


Mindy Kaling announced to the world for the first time the recent birth of her son on The Late Show!


Mindy Kaling’s Big Announcement

Kaling gave birth to her new son, Spencer, early last month. The big surprise – this celebrity managed to keep not only her pregnancy secret for the full nine months, but also kept secret the birth of her child for an extra month! Even in time of social isolation, that’s a hefty trick!

And, not only did she keeping from literally everybody (okay, probably some family, friends, and medical professionals were aware – but that’s a very small percentage when matched against everyone who knows who she is), she announced it on The Late Show!

This isn’t the first time someone has chosen The Late Show to announce their big news. In 2015 Joe Biden decided to use Colbert’s brand-spanking new Late Show to officially quell rumours that he was running for President. In 2017 Daniel Craig announced he would be returning as James Bond for No Time To Die. And in 2019 Daniel Craig announced he wouldn’t be returning as James Bond after No Time To Die.

Daniel Craig really likes The Late Show.


Mindy Kaling’s Secret Baby

There has to be a few tricks that the star from The Office and creator of The Mindy Project knows that other celebrities don’t. Sure, she had the help of social distancing to keep her pregnancy under wraps. But it’s not like she never went out in public. In fact, she did – and had her photo taken, too. But it still slipped by everyone that she was pregnant. So, how did she keep such a big secret?

Okay so it was mostly lockdown.

Mindy’s new son Spencer isn’t her first child – it’s her second. She has a three-year-old daughter, who has been receptive to the baby, so far. But now that Kaling has a son, she says she feels so much more formal. Like having a son is antiquated, compared to the modern hipness of having a daughter. Of course, none of that is actually true, but she does make an interesting observation about how culture approached language formality and gender.

So fans of Kaling rejoice – because if she can keep the creation of a human life quiet, who knows what other creations she has that could pop up on your screen at any time!

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