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CNN’s Don Lemon Sounds Off On Melania’s Jacket, Trump’s Tirades, And More

CNN’s Don Lemon Sounds Off On Melania’s Jacket, Trump’s Tirades, And More

CNN’s Don Lemon Sounds Off On Melania’s Jacket, Trump’s Tirades, And More

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 18: CNN's Anchor Don Lemon hosting at The Apollo Theater on May 18, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Shahar Azran/WireImage)


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert welcomes regarded news anchor, host of CNN Tonight and “dumbest man on television” Don Lemon!

Lemon is one of many, many “fake news” anchors who have been the target of President Donald Trump’s uninformed ridicule. Having been called the “dumbest man on television,” Lemon wears the ridicule as a badge – he thinks that a lot of the time Trump is tweeting the opposite of what he believes; ergo, Don Lemon, in Trump’s honest opinion is the smartest man on television. But for Lemon, the point is moot – he doesn’t see those tweets, because he did what everyone should have done already. He stopped following Trump on Twitter.

Recently, Melania Trump visited the infamous immigrant child shelters/detention centres at the southern American border wearing a jacket that, on the back in big letters, read “I don’t really care, do u?”. There’s a lot to unpack with that statement (both the literal phrase and the statement the First Lady is making by wearing a jacket like that to what has been appropriately described as a humanitarian crisis), and even Don Lemon baffled by such a maneuver from the First Lady of the United States. He unpacks it as only a true news anchor could:

Along with his CNN cohorts like Van Jones, Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper, Don Lemon is on the front lines in the war Trump has all but blatantly declared on the free press. Lemon is among those who Trump calls “fake news” on a daily basis. It’s enough to drive someone to drink… which it might have. Lemon famously appeared on a CNN New Year’s special visibly inebriated. He has to do something to cope with the non-stop Trumpitude that someone in his position has to endure.

Talking Trump is exhausting – it’s a non-stop flood of jaw dropping this-and-that from NBC’s response to Ryan Seacrest (those guys were way off, by the way – while President Seacrest would most certainly also be a disaster, he would still be better). It’s so gloomy to constantly hear about how one man is bringing an entire country down, pitting it against itself and its allies. It gets to the point where… where you just have to make a game of it.

Leave it to Stephen for that, right?

Stephen pulls his favourite lower-thirds (those are the bottom captions found on many television news shows) from CNN Tonight and mixes them in with some Trumpy lower-thirds that his writing team came up with, and Don Lemon is challenged to guess: which are real, and which are fake?

They’re all real. Surprise! But, is it really?

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