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Late Show: Aubrey Plaza Channels Her Inner Cat During Interview

Late Show: Aubrey Plaza Channels Her Inner Cat During Interview

Late Show: Aubrey Plaza Channels Her Inner Cat During Interview


Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Aubrey Plaza participated in her usual-unusual interview dynamic with Stephen, to the end of becoming a cat on stage – and on Stephen’s desk.

Aubrey Plaza, well known for her apathy as well as her roles in hit NBC series Parks and Recreation and FX’s Legion, stopped by The Late Show to talk her upcoming role in the new Child’s Play film, what her dream role is, and for a segment of Community Calendar, to which Plaza adapted a little too well.

Aubrey Plaza is starring in 2019’s most popular film to feature a recurring murderous puppet, Child’s Play. It’s her first role as a parent, ever. And typical parent isn’t even adjacent to the roles she usually plays. So she had to really break out the acting chops while the camera was on. But behind the camera? Well, it seems like the role may have done more damage than good.

Though, would it be that hard to believe that she was just always like that?

She’s in reality a lot more like her Parks and Rec character April Ludgate. Delightfully weird, and occasionally good and kind, but overall you can never be too sure if she’s being sincere, or if she’s just playing along to a situation because it amuses her, briefly. Take, for example, her Twitter handle. Most celebrities have some variation of their name. Aubrey Plaza goes by @evilhag.

It suits her though. Anything else in the context of Aubrey Plaza would be weird.

After stretching her acting muscle with a mom role, Aubrey Plaza would love to take the role that she’s always been meant for: Catwoman. As in, Batman’s on-again, off-again… friendly thief. Honestly it’s so hard to keep track of where Catwoman falls in the villain/hero spectrum that it’s not worth it. But whatever she is – good, bad, antagonistic, friendly, jovial or toxic – she’s Aubrey Plaza to the core.

So, Plaza was given the opportunity to showcase her skills, and to let everyone know that she’d be right for the role as Catwoman, right on The Late Show.

But in typical Aubrey Plaza fashion, she squandered that opportunity by making a mockery of the whole situation.

After the interview, Stephen pulled out a classic Late Show sketch, the Community Calendar, where he and his guest pretend to go on public access television and make fun of the quaintness of small towns. Again, Aubrey Plaza’s day job was to play someone who hated the quaintness of small towns for seven years, so if anyone ever was suited to Community Calendar, it was Aubrey Plaza.

Congrats to Aubrey Plaza for giving her least disruptive interview on The Late Show to date… despite crawling all over Colbert’s desk like a cat.

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