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Late Show: America Ferrera Talks Superstore Season 4

Late Show: America Ferrera Talks Superstore Season 4

Late Show: America Ferrera Talks Superstore Season 4

NEW YORK - JANUARY 3: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest America Ferrara during Wednesday's January 3, 2018 show. (Photo by Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images)


Superstore‘s America Ferrera stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to chat Superstore  season four and standing up to runaway politics.

America Ferrera, star of NBC’s hilarious underground comedy Superstore (season four premiers October 4 at 8.00 et/pt on Global, so you’ll just have to wait a tad longer) has been on The Late Show as many times as there are season premiers of Superstore (as of next week (that’s four – she’s been on four times now)). With a cast of such funny and talented people, it’s no wonder that they all banded together to take a bit of a friendly/not friendly jab at their NBC buddies This Is Us. The Superstore gang recreated one of This Is Us‘s posters – which is perfect, because that show takes itself way too seriously (but what else would you expect from Milo Ventimiglia, he’s basically the poster-boy for taking oneself too seriously).

They’re just being modest, really – Superstore may not be This Is Us but it’s certainly no Manimal. It has deservedly made it to season four, and probably many more beyond that. But if this is the kind of content the gang at Superstore is already dishing out, then what they have in store for season four is going to be amazing.

While America Ferrera is probably best known for her role in Superstore, she is also very well known for her political activism – she was integral in launching the Time’s Up movement earlier this year, as well as being an active organizer in countless protests and similar events. And after having a baby not four months ago, she’s only further realized the importance of political activism.


So inspired, Ferrera wrote and published a book earlier this year, titled American Like Me: Reflections On Life Between Cultures. In the book, she examines the American immigrant experience – and how that’s being challenged and delegitimized in today’s social and political climate.


It is so important to speak truth to power, and it’s simply a blessing that someone like America Ferrera is active and using her platforms to to do.

Last of all (and most importantly, maybe?), bye-bye Colbeard. You may have noticed Stephen buddy shaved the scratchy-smoocher off after Monday’s show (if you did, good for you – it took his wife two hours to notice), because he definitely had it while talking to Emma Stone. RIP 2018 Colbeard. We hardly knew ye.

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