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Kyle promises to own his mistakes

Kyle promises to own his mistakes

Kyle promises to own his mistakes

Kyle Capener. Photo Courtesy: CBS


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Kyle Capener is vowing to make good on his promise in the Big Brother house to grow and improve as a person.

Kyle’s controversial comments were first met with disbelief and anger by his fellow houseguests but after a house meeting, they then showed him compassion which initiated a healing process for the entire Big Brother house.

“I made some generalized thoughts mid-game that had no grounds and should never have been introduced into this season. The houseguests were so open and honest. I’m forever grateful for them. Moving forward, I plan on taking ownership of my mistakes and finding resources to continue this journey after the game,” he told GlobalTV.com.

Of all the houseguests it was bus driver Terrance who lobbied others to keep Kyle this week so that his learning experience could continue.

Kyle Capener and Julie Chen Moonves. Photo Courtesy: CBS.

“I preferred that you stayed. Not for gameplay…in this instance of the game I prefer that you continue on your journey as you have a chance to learn from the things you felt and said. You have to fully embrace the truth about how you feel. It is an empowering and a vulnerable thing that makes you feel most afraid when you have to face that mirror but it could be the most refreshing thing in the world,” Terrance told Kyle explaining that he cannot forget what happened but he can forgive him.

Kyle is truly thankful for Terrance reaching out to him and leading him through the process of growth and understanding.

“It’s helped me through this process, probably more than anyone. He was the first person who pulled me aside and sat me down to help me understand what he was going through and what I was feeling in that moment. I will be forever grateful for Terrance for doing that this week,” said an appreciative Kyle.

Kyle Capener. Photo Courtesy: CBS.

While fans are holding Kyle accountable for his statements in the house, some are also questioning and criticizing the timing of Michael and Brittany revealing those statements to the rest of the house. Some believe the motivation was purely strategic on their part. If he had any bitterness or anger over what they did Kyle seems to have forgiven Michael and Brittany.

“I love Brittany and Michael so much. We’ve had a very close relationship this game. I think the timing of them bringing this information forward was just when they felt comfortable,” he said.

Excited to see how the rest of the season plays out Kyle is hopeful that his fractured relationship with his showmance Alyssa can be mended in the future.

“Currently, we’re broken up. We plan on watching the full season to come to terms with everything that happened and find out the facts. Moving forward, I have hope that something might happen but that’s to be determined,” he said.

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