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Julie Chen Dishes On The Cast Of Celebrity Big Brother

Julie Chen Dishes On The Cast Of Celebrity Big Brother

Julie Chen Dishes On The Cast Of Celebrity Big Brother


Julie Chen, host of Big Brother, The Talk and the upcoming new Celebrity Big Brother sat across from her CBS coworker Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk all things Big Brother related.

The White House really is leaking: perhaps the biggest news that is sweeping reality TV talk is the announcement that former Trump Administration Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, Omarosa Manigault (better known simply by Omarosa) has joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother.

From the White House to the Big Brother house, this TV personality née Trump subordinate will surely stir things up – it’s basically what she’s known for. Omarosa is the definition of a reality TV star – she got her start on, surprise surprise, the first season of The Apprentice. You know, that show that somehow successfully spawned a President of the United States of America? Yeah, it all clicks into place after hearing that fact, if it didn’t before. So, completely unqualified to have been in the White House in the first place (even President Trump’s White House), Omarosa’s transition into the Big Brother house makes much more sense.

The rest of the Celebrity Big Brother cast – whom you can read about here  – will bring enough of their own to the table to give the overbearing and high-profile Omarosa enough to deal with.

…and she didn’t even mention that guy who every morning just wants to fly out the window someday when it’s over, Sugar Ray’s, Mark McGrath.

It’s shaped up to be a great cast (even with the odd-numbered 11, since the addition of Omarosa). Who knows how that bunch will mix? They haven’t even started yet – in fact, the celebrities of Celebrity Big Brother don’t even yet know who they’re going up against.

Isn’t it weird that the public finds out before they do? And, though, don’t you feel honoured? You have great power with that knowledge. Use it responsibly.

Anyway, Julie Chen does a lot more than host Big Brother – as though you were even expecting it. She co-hosts The Talk, which you can watch on Global at 2.00 ET/PT every weekday. Chen also attends the Grammys – well, at least the 2018 Grammys. From all the news you’ve heard over the past few days regarding the notorious music awards show, Julie Chen’s favourite moment gives a unique perspective on the evening.

With his recent announcement that he’s going to retire, it’s clear that the music community is going to sincerely miss Elton John. Though, if he’s retiring from touring, maybe he could still be in for the next round of Celebrity Big Brother?


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