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John Oliver Overtakes Bernie Sanders as Most Frequent Guest of The Late Show

John Oliver Overtakes Bernie Sanders as Most Frequent Guest of The Late Show

John Oliver Overtakes Bernie Sanders as Most Frequent Guest of The Late Show

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 7: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airing Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017 with John Oliver, Actress Isabelle Huppert, musical performance by The Avett Brothers. Pictured left to right: John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. (Photo by Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images)


Former Daily Show correspondent and the host of the hit HBO series Last Week Tonight John Oliver shows up to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as guest again to take the crown – or sash, as it turned out to be.

John Oliver and Colbert go way back, sort of – they act like old Daily Show chums but in reality they never worked on the show at the same time. Still, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were filmed close enough together that they became pals while working on their respective shows. So it’s natural that old High-Five Johnny would come visit Stevie-Potatoes very often (there is no validity to these nicknames, but just imagine that’s what they call each other and swoon).

First, they dished about politics. Obviously they dished about politics. They’re the two top guys to go to when you want a bit of politics with your humour. Or is it the other way around? Either way, they got their obligatory Trump conversation out of the way first, in a back-and-forth about whether or not to look on the bright side of Donald Trump’s term.

Not very much of an optimistic look at the subject, but John Oliver hasn’t ever been much of an optimist, really.

American politics: checked off. Now onto Oliver’s motherland, and their own 2016 electoral “oopsie”, Brexit. Again, Oliver offers his classic British cynicism toward the subject, but when it comes to the inanity that has become of early 21st century politics, who can blame him?


Speaking of England, that’s where John Oliver is from, if you haven’t been paying attention to his vocabulary/his way of speaking/his teeth/this article. He’s long been in America, and has started his family there – only to be shocked that his kids sound like Americans. Oliver’s own accent is a bit of a mixed-bag when it comes to English accents, so who knows what he was expecting. Either way, he’s got a good ear for the regional sounds found in England, and is charmingly surly as he cycles through them for his good bud Stephen.

But the big news of the evening was John Oliver’s new title: Stephen Colbert knighted Oliver as the Most Frequent Guest of The Late Show, surpassing previous title holder Bernie Sanders (though Bernie was never officially acknowledged – yet again another instance of Bernie being ROBBED).


Will Bernie return to catch up to, and possibly surpass John Oliver? Will there be a Hell in a Cell-style title match to recognize the true champion? Find out next time (or at a much, much later time) on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

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