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John Oliver Has A First Date With Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

John Oliver Has A First Date With Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

John Oliver Has A First Date With Stephen Colbert on The Late Show


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert welcomed back longtime friend and fellow late night host John Oliver!

But this time the tables were turned. As The Late Show returned from its first commercial break (something that fancy-pants HBO boy John Oliver doesn’t have to deal with), Oliver was the one behind the desk. That’s right, where Colbert should have been. But John Oliver began, as though it were his show, introducing his first guest: Stephen Colbert.

This night on The Late Show, Stephen was the one who would be interviewed. And by a good friend, too – but despite what many of their fans think, they were never co-workers!

That’s right, they’re both Daily Show alumni, but they just weren’t on the show at the same time.

The interview started like any other… then quickly went in a brand new direction. Because their friendship began and blossomed under uncommon circumstances, John Oliver cracks a bottle of wine and decides that he and Colbert are going to have a first date.

They’re both long-time married, so neither of them have really had a first date in a long time – Oliver not since the 2000s, and Colbert? Well, in all likelihood, probably not since the 1980s. So Oliver came prepared, having scoured the Internet for first date advice, and downloaded a list of “first date” questions, even further cementing that it has been a very long time since he went on one.

Probably not on that list: scatting for your first date.

The awkwardness of this date finally evened out. Colbert even shared some incredibly valuable advice on how to rid yourself of a pesky earworm (but not until slandering The Barenaked Ladies, a Canadian national treasure, for the catchiness of their song “One Week” – forgive him for that). Then the conversation turned very morbid.

This isn’t the first time Colbert’s been interviewed on his own show (heck, this wasn’t even the only time he was interviewed in this episode – his even-longer-time friend Amy Sedaris interviewed him after Colbert took a break to have a chat with Paul McCartney). But these interviews usually come down to laughs – which is good, but Stephen Colbert is an interesting man, but an enigma. Having played a character with the same name as him for over 15 years, and only making public appearances as that character during that time, there’s still a lot about the man shadowed in mystery. Wouldn’t it be nice to know more?

But then again, that impromptu jam of Chuck Mangione’s Feels So Good was pretty great.

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