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John Oliver Dishes on Disney’s The Lion King on The Late Show

John Oliver Dishes on Disney’s The Lion King on The Late Show

John Oliver Dishes on Disney’s The Lion King on The Late Show


Last night Stephen welcomed back his old friend John Oliver to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

It’s good to see Stephen and John is a room together, again – and not in a box together, like last time (when Stephen invited Oliver to stuff his head in a cardboard box with him for some personal conversation – it was weird). If you’re not familiar with John Oliver, he’s like the Platinum Card Colbert. He’s got his show Last Week Tonight on HBO, which is as politically charged as The Late Show but is swimming in all the cable TV money for some added bells and whistles.

Oliver has really worked his way up through the chain in America: from stand-up comedian, to Daily Show pundit who would get 10 minutes of airtime a week (if he was lucky), to a bit recurring part on a struggling network sitcom, to a smash-hit HBO series, to, most recently, star of a freaking Disney movie.

Love them all you want, hate them all you want; you can’t avoid Disney. Oliver is in with Disney now (though actually, maybe not anymore after that cocaine comment). He best get in with the Disney culture, and that means Disney… everything. But first, Disney World – which he has been to before, just not under the most uplifting circumstances.

More and more, Disney hiring Oliver is starting to seem like an unusual decision – until you see him as Zazu. Then it all makes sense.

The thing about Disney’s Lion King remake is that it’s packed with other stars at least as famous and beloved as Oliver. It has Donald Glover as Simba, Seth Rogen as Pumba and… who else? There was someone else… someone really famous — oh yeah. Beyoncé as Nala. One doesn’t take being in the same movie lightly. Heck, one (such as John Oliver) doesn’t take being in the same picture as Beyoncé lightly, as he goes on to explain. And they weren’t even in the same room.

For most of Oliver’s appearance on The Late Show, yeah, it was pretty much Lion King this, and Lion King that. But like any conversation with any Brit, the topic eventually moved to soccer (or “football”).

John Oliver got totally stoked at the very mention of the sport, and loses himself a bit to the topic. It’s adorable.

If you missed John Oliver on The Late Show, don’t worry, for two reasons: a) you can always watch the episode online here on GlobalTV.com, and b) he’s bound to guest again real soon. Seriously, he’s on a few times a year. Just wait a few months for more John Oliver/Late Show content!

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