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John Mulaney Can’t Stay Away From Saturday Night Live

John Mulaney Can’t Stay Away From Saturday Night Live

John Mulaney Can’t Stay Away From Saturday Night Live


The former back-room writer is returning for his fifth time hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend!


Five-Timer Initiation

The Five-Timers Club is not the exclusive club it used to be. Over the 30+ years it’s been a thing, everyone who hosts Saturday Night Live five or more times usually gets a big fuss made over it. And now there are dozens of them, with their blazers, leather chairs, cigars… it’s like the frequent fliers club, but with fewer drunk pilots.

If Mulaney gets officially inducted into the club this weekend, he’ll be the member who earned the title in the shortest amount of time. Mulaney has hosted once a season for the past five seasons. Since it’s rare for someone to host the show more than once a season, Mulaney took the shortest realistic route to the goal. And since his episodes are usually such big hits, he’ll probably keep going with this new and beloved tradition.


Mulaney’s Bizarre Contributions

So John Mulaney was one of those writers who would always pitch a sketch that everyone knew wouldn’t really be the mainstream funny Saturday Night Live was going for – at least at the time. That was a while ago, when he was on staff as a writer, and funny has changed. Absurd and over-the-top are just what fans have been clamoring for, and it wasn’t until Mulaney returned as a host that SNL kinda figured it out. Over the past few years of hosting, Mulaney has started a bit of a tradition for himself…

First there was the sketch Diner Lobster, a surprising viral hit merging an unusual dish to order at a diner with the music from Les Miserables. Then there was Airport Sushi, which is pretty much the same concept but with music from West Side Story, Annie and The Phantom of the Opera, among others…

Yeah and it goes on for like eight minutes. What food-restaurant-musical combination is he going to pull out for this weekend? Dive Bar Gumbo to the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar? Or maybe Food Court Eggs Benedict with some slammin’ Hamilton beats?

Well, why don’t you tune into Saturday Night Live on Global, this Saturday, February 26 at 11.30 et/8.30 pt to find out!

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