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John Krasinski Talks The Quite Place Part II on The Late Show

John Krasinski Talks The Quite Place Part II on The Late Show

John Krasinski Talks The Quite Place Part II on The Late Show


Star of The Office and hit horror franchise The Quiet Place John Krasinski joined Stephen in studio on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!


A Slow Return to The Late Show We All Love

As Stephen delivered his monologue and desk segments on last night’s show, there was something different. There was an extra laugh coming from off camera. An additional laugh, to that of his producers and wife Evie that we’ve gotten used to over the past many months. It was John Krasinski, who joined Stephen in studio. And boy, was he giddy to be there.

Not only was Krasinki one of The Late Show’s last live guests in studio last March, but last night he was Colbert’s first live, in-studio guest since last March! Colbert has done a few live, in-person interviews in the past year. Notably, the Obamas Barack and Michelle (on separate occasions). But this is the first in his interim studio, with the guest six feet away. And the energy is much different from that which we’ve all gotten used to over the past year plus. It’s so much smoother and more natural. Sure it helps that Stephen and John have a great rapport, and that Evie was there to add an aura of comfort. But there was no delay between questions and answers. No pixilated picture or audio artifacts. How The Late Show should be.

Let’s get used to this, again.


The Quiet Place Part II

John Krasinski was on the show because a) he and Stephen get along great, and b) his film The Quiet Place Part II is finally being released in cinemas after many delays! Originally set to release in March 2020, the film was push back again and again. And Krasinski is relieved to finally have it in the movie theatre.

Krasinski is so excited about his film’s release, that he’s been travelling around to different showings to really pump up the crowd. And who wouldn’t love that – a visit from the writer/director/star of the film your about to see, showing up to thank you for seeing it! What a gracious man.


The Colbert Questionert

To finish off their interview, Colbert invited Krasinski to participate in the recurring segment The Colbert Questionert. In this segment, Colbert asks his guests inane, tedious questions, then sits there and judges them on their answers. Either silently or audibly. And John Krasinski just wasn’t having it.

You can see John Krasinki’s answers to the rest of Stephen’s Colbert Questionert right here on GlobalTV.com!

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