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Big Brother 19: Jessica Graf Exclusive Exit Interview: “Josh Brought it on Himself”

Big Brother 19: Jessica Graf Exclusive Exit Interview: “Josh Brought it on Himself”

Big Brother 19: Jessica Graf Exclusive Exit Interview: “Josh Brought it on Himself”


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

She didn’t mince her words inside the Big Brother 19 house and she isn’t on the outside either.

Jessica Graf, who constantly locked horns and traded bitter, angry insults with her nemesis Josh, doesn’t forgive him for any of the things he said or did.

“As a person I think Josh needs to learn how to take responsibility for himself. I think he’s definitely coddled in life and as soon as he makes an error, he’s kind of petted and told he’s perfect and that everything will be okay,” she said.

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Seeing him as nothing more than a puppet, Jessica told Global that she doesn’t believe she and Josh will ever have a personal relationship outside of the house as she went on to explain why Cody never got along with him.

“A lot of people in the house saw that Josh is so weak minded and easily manipulated, and used him against Cody and I. So he didn’t do a lot of thinking for himself and he actually verbalized that to me. I think that you are responsible for your own actions in the house and to hide behind the idea that someone is using you, I don’t agree with that. It all started when Cody saw Josh attack Megan during that first HOH comp – it didn’t sit right with him, as a large male attacking a small individual. I didn’t see it but that’s what triggered it for Cody.

“Josh also made a speech about Cody and I jumped to his defense. Josh brought it on himself,” Jessica concluded.

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In one of the ugliest scenes to ever air on Big Brother USA, Jessica and Cody were tormented by the other Houseguests for hours on end last week. Cornered in the backyard, the couple lay in a hammock and endured all manner of insults and jeering, including Christmas Abbott and Alex Ow shouting that Cody, an ex-Marine who was honourably discharged after 10 years of service and was awarded two Navy Unit Commendations, was an “embarrassment to the military” and Josh banging pots, pans and yelling as he has done so often in the house. The scene was so unpleasant that Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox Tweeted as she watched the scene unfold on the live feeds: “MESS. I’m so embarrassed for people’s souls.”

“A lot of the things that were being said in that moment weren’t true. People were using the fact that the entire house was against me. Alex was never targeting me, when in reality, Jason confirmed Alex was interested in evicting me that week and he was the one that convinced her to keep me safe and to go after Dominique. Alex kept repeating that she was trying to keep me safe. I really didn’t have the opportunity to defend myself so I just had to sit there and wait for it to play out,” said Jessica of that afternoon.

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When it comes to her and Cody’s relationship, Jessica is quick to point out and confirm that it was not a showmance. Despite them being complete opposites and not agreeing at all when it comes to politics, the feelings they have for each other are real.

“I’m really excited for Cody and I to get out of the house. We’re definitely going to continue seeing each other. We weren’t a showmance. There are people in the house that do it for the cameras and we aren’t one of them. I think going through this experience together made us stronger,” she said.

Knowing Cody better than anyone in the house, Jessica gave him some advice before she left him to take on the entire house all on his own.

“I’m genuinely concerned for Cody. I hope he doesn’t take me leaving to harshly. Whatever it takes for him to just smile every day, I’m fully supportive of. I reminded him that he cannot trust anybody. I told him to be cautious and not forget what everyone has put us through,” she recalled.

Looking back at the highs and lows of her Big Brother experience, Jessica doesn’t have many regrets.

“I would change all of it and I would change none of it. I regret not tripping Mark in that last Veto. There are a lot of things that could have changed the game so easily but I stand by everything that I’ve said and done at this point.”

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