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Jerry Seinfeld talks Colbert through mini on-air breakdown on The Late Show

Jerry Seinfeld talks Colbert through mini on-air breakdown on The Late Show

Jerry Seinfeld talks Colbert through mini on-air breakdown on The Late Show


Stephen Colbert zoomed-in with Jerry Seinfeld on The Late Show, and made an effort to say every word CBS wouldn’t let air.


Jerry Keeps A Cool Head

Jerry Seinfeld was Colbert’s guest on The Late Show. But he quickly found out that Colbert maybe wasn’t ready to have him. The work-from-home host is going a bit stir-crazy with his current setup for The Late Show. And he takes his conversation with Seinfeld about comedy material, strings together some very creative phrases that CBS won’t ever allow to air, and pleads exhaustion.

Jerry Seinfeld showed true compassion, and honesty, as he talked Stephen back to reality (reality being that millions of people will witness what happened). If you’ve been watching The Late Show over the past six months, you’ll have probably noticed a trend in Stephen’s outlook. Night has fallen on his once sunny/cynical disposition, and now it’s just tired cynicism. But you know, it brings out an edge in Colbert that sometimes allows him to be his funniest self. A good trade off for the audience, but his true fans want to see him rested and happy. Hopefully, there will be some good news for him, this coming November.

When Jerry’s not acting like an extremely gracious and kind human being, he’s pondering the minutiae of social interaction. This time, it’s all that COVID-19 stuff. What’s the deal with the elbow bump? Have you ever noticed that Zoom meetings, yada yada.

It’s very much a Seinfeld thing.


Stephen and Jon Remember Eddie Van Halen

Just hours before the show, it was announced publicly that guitarist Eddie Van Halen had passed. An inspiration that transcended generations, Eddie Van Halen and his music had an exceptional affect on both Stephen Colbert and Jon Batiste. The two reminisce about their first encounters with his music, and stories about him from their times in the industry. One thing is for sure: Eddie Van Halen’s impact on music and guitar playing won’t soon be forgotten.


Trump COVID-19 Update

Just days after Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, he’s back in the White House. And he’s still no wearing a mask. If you’re looking for a source to Stephen’s aforementioned exacerbation, all signs point to this guy. Donald Trump is sick with COVID-19, still contagious, and going about business as usual as he struggles to breath. And Stephen Colbert struggles to find the sanity in it.

But that’s what Stephen does best – point out and mock Donald Trump’s laughable existence.

Like he said, he’s tired. After five years of covering Trump’s insanity daily, who wouldn’t be. Again, hopefully he’ll have some respite in November.

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