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Survivor’s Jeremy Crawford Reveals Secret Showmance

Survivor’s Jeremy Crawford Reveals Secret Showmance

Survivor’s Jeremy Crawford Reveals Secret Showmance


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

To viewers it appeared that Jeremy Crawford’s exit from Survivor: David vs. Goliath was based on his volatile relationship with Natalie Cole. Not so, says the New York City attorney.

Jeremy claims a showmance the audience never saw on the show is at the root of his departure.

“After the Reward Challenge, just sitting around the campfire I said in a playful way, made a flippant comment that Angelina Keeley was in a showmance with John Hennigan. When that comment got back to her, because she didn’t want anyone on the show to say she was in a showmance, she was on the warpath. That is how she got those nine people to vote one way,” Jeremy disclosed to Global.

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Jeremy maintains Angelina was a newlywed at the time and didn’t want anyone to say anything about the showmance.

“I don’t want to go into too much of what was on the show and what wasn’t. When you are in a showmance y’all do the cuddling, you are always out together, you know, it was something we observed. If it wasn’t true it wouldn’t have been a big deal,” argued Jeremy.

Angelina wasn’t the only person Jeremy butted heads with. In trying to help Natalie, Jeremy he made an enemy of her too.

John Powell: You offered advice to Natalie but all that seemed to do what drive a wedge between you two. Why didn’t she take what you were saying to heart?

Jeremy Crawford: “I don’t think she is self-aware. If you are not self-aware you cannot tell if someone is coming in for a kiss or for your jugular. Anything that makes you feel insecure is threatening. The only time people told Natalie they didn’t like how she was talking to them was at Tribal Council. She asked me once why aren’t other people telling her that. I told her it was because they were playing for a million dollars and they are not going to tell you. I didn’t have a problem with her. I was just giving her the message. I have dealt with difficult personalities my whole life.”

John Powell: How are things now between you two?

Jeremy Crawford: “It is the exactly the same as the last time we saw each other at Tribal Council.”

John Powell: It must have difficult to watch your blindside but Mike White’s comments about you must have softened the blow a bit.

Jeremy Crawford: “We bonded on the show. I knew Mike didn’t want to vote me out. I figured he was just going with the group. All I wanted to see is whether it was an easy for vote for him. I realized it was a difficult vote for him.”

John Powell: When it comes to your edit is there anything you wish they would have shown?


Jeremy Crawford: “I was fine with the edit mainly because I am someone who doesn’t hide from the camera. I don’t have anything I feel that I need to keep hidden from people or from the world. So, the editing for me was fine. I wish they weren’t trying to protect Angelina’s image so much. If they wouldn’t have done that my exit would have made more sense.”

John Powell: That meeting you called with the tribe didn’t seem to go very well. Can you explain your thinking to us?

Jeremy Crawford: “That meeting was three days before Tribal. In a 72 hour period, anything that was discussed at that meeting was forgotten. After that meeting we went to the beach and played all day.”

John Powell:
We saw on the preview for next week that the tribes are being swapped. Did that announcement surprise you?

Jeremy Crawford: “No, because last year they did a tribe swap during the second episode. The Goliath’s were also winning too much to continue that way. Just from a production standpoint we knew that a swap must be coming soon. We knew it was coming in the next few days.”