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Inauguration Day: The Late Show

Inauguration Day: The Late Show

Inauguration Day: The Late Show

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 22: Donald Trump talks about his US Presidential campaign on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Tuesday Sept. 22, 2015 on the CBS Television Network. (Photo by Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS via Getty Images)


Today’s the day: Donald Trump is officially and technically the President of the United States of America. It’s the beginning of what’s looking to be a very different America. There’s no denying that the nearly two-year road to this day has been long and arduous, and the loyal late night comedians such as Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert have been vigilant in covering and satirizing it every step of the way. Inauguration day was certainly no exception, and Colbert’s entire monologue was dedicated to the day’s events, big and small, outside the Capitol Building. Ever so conscientious, Stephen took a moment to update folks who may have missed the past several news cycles:

When it comes to unsettling political situations and late night comedy, it’s all about balance. Stephen Colbert did get down and into it on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – his thoughts and feelings on the upcoming administration – but he also needed to devote a little time to the lighter side of things, to share a jovial laugh before causing fraught laughter.

Up next was a somewhat-thorough deconstruction of Trump’s speech. Stephen wasn’t a fan, but that’s because he didn’t understand what Trump was saying. Literally.

Then came the cutting remarks. Stephen got personal when it came to Trump – it’s no secret that Colbert has little respect for the new President. It’s only natural that he’d have a go at the low hanging fruit that was readily dangling and ripe for grabbing.

The rest of the episode was light; Jim Gaffigan was pleasantly humourous as usual and Cristela Alonzo was charming and energetic. Inauguration talk was surprisingly absent. It’s a big event in American politics. Perhaps the crew at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert were just that burnt out on Trump talk that they wanted at least half of an episode without any mention of the President of the United States of America. Don’t worry – this isn’t indicative of things to come. Colbert may have become a little less on-the-nose since the days of The Colbert Report, but that doesn’t mean that he’s lost his fighting streak.

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